Monday, July 9, 2012

What Do You Think About ...


Yes. Doilies.

Are they too old school?
I'm thinking of making a couple for myself.

Actually -- I'm considering making 3 after seeing this one:

 If you walked into my house and saw doilies -- would you question it? 
Like "what old lady lives here?!"
I'm on the fence - but I think I'm going to make them anyway. I think they're pretty. 


  1. I think if you do them in bright, pretty colors they wouldn't be as old lady!

    Elyse @ My Life With a Cherry on Top

  2. I have done in black..lime green and larger yarn than 10 thread. I have done size 3 or 5 thread and they come out larger and much more modern...Love them..I did one in worted yarn and it covered my whole table it is functional and pretty.

  3. I've never been a big doillies fan, but I found myself looking at those pictures and thinking how pretty they are. Maybe my age has changed me!