Thursday, August 9, 2012

MINI REVIEW: Once Upon a Secret ...

What do you think... are you ready for a Mini Review?!

Once Upon a Secret: My Affair with President John F. Kennedy and Its Aftermath
By: Mimi Alford

I enjoyed this read -- for the most part -- I mean how can you not get into a story like this?! 19 year old girl goes off to Washington DC for a summer internship and loses her V-Card to John F. Kennedy during her first week on the job?! That's cray-cray. 

The story pulled me in right away. Then lost me around 80% thru (ironically this is about the place in the book where JFK is assassinated). I gobbled up all the deats between Mimi and JFK...BUUUUT I wish she said more. She so tiptoes around any negativity around/about JFK and if she does disclose something "dark" about him she tries to soften the blow. She also tries to rationalize a lot of what happened between her and JFK ... but how can you? It happened.

All-in-all. I DID like this book. But I wouldn't spend money on it. Get it from the library. Or wait until it's on sale in the bargain bucket/sidewalk sale.  You'll knock this read out in about a day or two.

P.S. I'm reading this book after reading TWO of the Fifty Shades of Grey Books. I REALLY wanted this to be more salacious. I wanted more dirty details. Well. Mimi doesn't really disclose any "dirty" details. I get it was a long time ago but I still want to know something.  Is that wrong!? Should I be more respectful?

Eh. Doesn't matter.
I give this:
Will you read this [book] now?


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  1. Hmm sounds good, but I might put it towards the end of my list for when I can get it for free. I think it'd be hard to read a book about a sexual relationship AFTER 50 Shades haha