Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ooooh, How Pinteresting & What I'm Loving Wednesday

Time to link up with Michelle and Jamie
I'm LOVING that Troy called me up on Monday speaking my language: "Swirls!"
I love a swirl {it's Margarita swirled with Sangria and it's yum yum yummmmmmy}.

I'm LOVING that my little sisters (who are 10 & 7) send me little pictures they make on their ipods. But this latest one from the youngest has me going..."what?! {giggle}?!" YOU tell me what's wrong with this photo:
Ok. I'll tell you. MR. BEAR is getting his drink on with that Mojito. LOL. We won't mention that it says Happy Valentine's Day and it's only June. I don't know if this is a late message or super early.

I'm LOVING that we went tubing last Saturday and it turned out to be a very nice day.

I'm LOVING how my Doily turned out! Did you see my post yesterday? It's awwwesome!

I'm LOVING Pinterest!
Source: via Laura on Pinterest
Source: via Emily on Pinterest

What are YOU LOVING this week?


  1. Already linked up with Jamie over at Daisy May! Loving these and what sweet little sisters you have :) Happy Wednesday lady!

  2. Margarita swirled with sangria? Yes, please!

  3. "swirls" sound like the best thing ever! I'm definitely trying that soon!

    have a lovely day!

  4. Yay for swirls! Those sisters of yours are pretty funny:)

  5. Your sisters are so cute doing that! I love that pin about the 80's song. It's sad that they're considered oldies songs now. I'm happy we finally have air-conditioning! YAY!