Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Chocolate & Navy Granny Blanket & Hat

My Friend asked me to make a little baby hat for her friend ... so I did.
aaand I made a little blanket too:

I thought at first the color combo was a little weird...but I ended up really liking it! Especially the blanket:

Came out really nice! And I only used two balls of yarn.
A nice little gift for less than $8.

Now. My only issue was I've never made a new born hat. So I made one. and it looked kinda small so I made a second one. I HOPE it fits. I've seen so few new born babies I have no idea where to even start with hat making.

Fingers crossed it fits!

How do you like this color combo?



  1. Love it! That's so cool that you know how to make this stuff. These make awesome gifts. If I knew how to make them, I would definitely be giving them to people for birthdays or Christmas! Especially the blankets! :)


  2. Ooo, I really like that color combo! So pretty and so unexpected :)