Thursday, September 20, 2012

Follllooow Friday!!!


Q: What hyped up book was worth all the fuss?

WWwweeell - quite a few come to mind! But if I had to pick one or two or few:

Loved them all! Well worth the hype!
Which books would you choose?



  1. I agree. Hunger Games was definitely worth the hype. One of the few YA series that I actually loved. I thought Divergent was good but didn't really blow me away like I thought it would. Haven't read Across the Universe yet.

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  2. OH yes those are great, I haven't read the Hunger Games yet, I know 'gasp' but I have the first book and hope to start it soon. My son loved the movie, though I still can't seem to get him to read the book.

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  3. Old follower, I've only read The Hunger Games and loved that series the other two I own but have yet to read, thanks for stopping by!

  4. Love Hunger Games! And Divergent is high on my TBR list! :D Old Follower. My FFs are at Musings on Fantasia and LKHill! Happy Friday! :D

  5. Hopping through. Definitely Hunger Games. I still haven't read Divergent even though I've had the book forever.
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  6. Ooo, I really want to read Across the Universe! Happy Friday! My FF

  7. Yay! Great minds . . . though I haven't read Across The Universe, yet, but I'm hoping to!
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  8. I agree with Hunger Games & Divergent.
    Need to read Across the Universe - want it NOW.
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  9. Love Divergent and The Hunger Games! Didn't like Across the Universe though. :)

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  10. THG and Divergent! <3
    I forgot to include Divergent on my answer, though, because I'm in a hurry.
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  11. all wonderful choices :) LOVED Divergent and The Hunger Games :) *New Follower*

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  12. I loved THG and have Divergent on my kindle waiting for me to read it.. Thanks for visiting my blog and have a good weekend!

  13. I've not read any of those, I did watch The Hunger Games though. Just finished reading "Where we belong" Was good, I thought! :)

  14. I agree with the Hunger Games series.

  15. I wasn't a fan of Across the Universe. Agreed with all the rest of them.
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  16. I've still got to read Across the Universe and Divergent, but I loved The Hunger Games trilogy!

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  17. Wooo! I love all of your choices!
    I'm still not sure Hunger Games was worth the level of hype it got, but I do love the series XD

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  18. I read Across the Universe because I fell in love with the cover. It was pretty good.

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  19. I read the Hunger Games but not the other 2 books.

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  20. I LOVED 'Across the Universe', and just finished the sequel, 'A Million Suns', last night (it was really, really good). I can't wait for the next one to come out! Great choices :)

  21. I did really love the first book of The Hunger Games but I wasn't as enamoured with the rest of the series. Of course I'm still going to see all the movies though. :o)

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