Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Pinspiration Project: Breaking Bad {Crochet} Afghan

Hi Hi!

Today I'm linking up with Sarah, Amber and Melissa for The Pinspiration Project
If you read my post yesterday - you probably know where I'm going with this.
My Pinspiration:

Here's my version:

It's easy to do - and I love the way it looks.

What's your pinspiration?



  1. Very nice! I'm just learning to crochet now and I'm still working on getting my tension (at least that's what my mom said I'm workin gon by practising!) so far I can make lines and square :) I aspire to be as great as you!
    If you want, you could look at my new craft blog here

  2. Those are nice. And I laughed when I saw you other post was called Hooker tendencies! *LOL*

  3. I like this very much. I've also got a Catherines Wheel afghan on my hooks..it's such a fun stitch to work!
    Tracyann from www.crochethappy.com and http://asktracyann.crochethappy.com