Thursday, November 29, 2012

Beautiful Blogger Blanket 2013

So. Last year I missed my chance to be a part of the Beautiful Blogger Blanket 2012 and I was devastated.

DEVASTATED I tell you! 
I couldn't get out of bed.
I wept for days.
That's what devastation does to a person.

So you can imagine the JOY I felt when I saw THIS on Stocki's Blog:

Which means I dragged my devastated butt out of bed.
Grabbed my hooks and got to hooking!

I made four squares for BBB 2013:

Dropped them in a mail and they are on their way to be a part of this wonderful project!

Thanks Jill for doing this! I absolutely love the idea of this!


P.S. All patterns are from 200 Crochet Blocks by Jan Eaton .... just FYI incase you want to start hooking.

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  1. Wooo thanks Trish! I am just blogging about them now and they will be up on show on my blog this evening! Good luck with the draw... you were first to get your squares in which was very exciting, and I'm so pleased to see them as I know you were disappointed to have missed it last year! Your 4 squares are gorgeous! Thanks so much for joining in! Hugs, Jill x