Friday, November 2, 2012

Follow Friday -- DEAL BREAKERS

TGIF! Right?! Anyone with me?! 

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Today's Question:

Q: What is a deal breaker for you in a book? For example, do you abhor love triangles? Or can’t deal with bad editing?

I can't stand it when it seems like the author is writing with a thesaurus trying to sound smart when it really isn't necessary *cough*Fifty Shades of Grey*cough*. Or when they use the same word too frequently. It distracts me too much and I cannot get into the read.

What is a deal breaker for you?



  1. I'm with you on this one. Fifty Shades really annoyed me. I was looking up more words in that book than I should have needed to for a porn book haha

  2. Bad editing is definitely a deal breaker. I've run across books that everyone is raving about and yet I can't get past the first chapter because the editing is so bad. Also, I'm sick of virgins. If I have to read about another virgin (that's not young adult) I'm gonna scream. Ditto in the happy endings that wrap up all neat. A little reality goes a long way with me.

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  3. Thanks for stopping by my Friday Hop! Great answer! A little twist instead of a happily ever after is always a pleasant surprise. Old follower =)

  4. I had the same answer! I totally can't stand it!
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  5. Thanks for stopping by :)

    I'm so very with you on TGIF - I've had the longest week!

    I totally agree about the thesaurus thing, do authors genuinely think that throwing in a word that just doesn't fit with the writing style will somehow impress us?!

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  6. Thanks for stopping by :)

    I'm so with you on TGIF - I've had the longest week!

    Haha I have to agree with the thesaurus idea - I don't understand why throwing in a random 'clever' word that doesn't fit with the rest of the writing would impress us!

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  7. I disliked 50 Shades for lack of basic research, lol. I didn't get far enough into it to deal with the author's other lack of writing skills. LOL New GFC follower.

    ~ Cia

  8. I think that's true as well. I also hate that in stories.
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  9. I never really thought about that much. Thanks for stopping by!

  10. I haven't even tried to read Shades of Grey for the main reason you mentioned. Everyone tells me I will complain about the writing nonstop!

    - Jessica @ Book Sake

  11. That's so funny that you mention it, because I considered writing about that--and decided it wasn't QUITE a deal-breaker for me. I was annoyed at a few of Stephen King's earlier books for that EXACT reason when I was a teen. I think he's gotten less obvious about it now, though.

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  12. Could not agree more! Have you ever watched that episode of Friends where Joey is trying to write the letter for Monica and Chandler and in order to try to sound smart he uses the Thesaurus and the letter just doesn't make any sense at all... this is what that reminds me of. :P

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  13. I hate it too when authors use a word too much. Bugs me to no end!

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  14. Good answer. I agree about trying to use these super big words to come off smarter than the rest. It looks like they're trying too hard. Keep it simple, to the point, and it usually turns out more interesting and entertaining.

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  15. I agree! There have been one or two that I've read that were like that and it made it so difficult to read. The pacing was so slow because of it and I felt like I was having to slog through it.

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  16. Haha, yep, the fancy words sprinkled in a bad plot never works out well.

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  17. I don't know if you've read it, but Christopher Paolini did that in Eragon, too. It was one of the things that annoyed me about it.

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    - Kazhy @ My Library in the Making

  18. Cough *inner goddess* cough cough! LOL

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  19. I don't like that either! If a word appears too many times in a story, I end up just paying attention to that word instead of the actual story line.

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  20. I agree with these peeves too! The same word used obsessively is a BIG no-go for me. :)

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  21. Good answer! I hadn't thought about that but now I have I totally agree. Although I haven't read 50 shades I can think of some other guilty parties.

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  22. Good answer, I hate when authors use big words just to sound smart as well. And I had to laugh at your 50 shades comment...I haven't read them myself, but the excerpts I've seen definitely support your comment!

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