Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Ooh, How Pinteresting & What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday Folks! 

It's that time to link up with Michelle and Jamie

I'm LOVING that I'm on vacation this week! 

I'm LOVING that I had a wonderful time in Florida with my family! I love all the QT time and nice weather that welcomed me!

I'm LOVING that my Stepmom stocked me up with plastic bags (b/c there's a stupid bag tax in the county I live in), nifty ideas and lot and lots and lots of the girl's halloween candy. My luggage is definitely much heavier leaving then when I came.

I'm LOVING that I got my dad drinking Bud Light Lime-A-Ritas. Love that drink. So tasty!

I'm LOVING that I had lots and lots of time to spend on Pinterest!
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Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

What are YOU LOVING this week?


  1. hahahaha I love the last two pins here. So glad you got to spend time with the fam. I can't believe how big those girls have gotten!!! (Man, we are getting old!)
    Glad you're coming back....for selfish purposes of course :)

  2. Love these. Thanks for stopping by-- I'm originally a Maryland girl myself :-). Kelly

  3. lmfao on the second to last pin! That is hilarious & absolutely smart. I dont know why I never tried that!!

    Happy Hump Day <3


  4. Great pins! The last two cracked me up :)

  5. Ugh, "that kill me moment" - I know it all too well.

  6. A bag tax??! I have never heard of this...and the pots on the stove pin...yes! That happens to me all the time!

  7. Those bookends are great!! Love them!


  8. I am glad that you had a great time :)

  9. I see you're reading The Book Theif. That book is intense, but worth it!

  10. So jealous of your beach vacation! And those bookends are awesome!

    Visiting from WILW!


  11. Sounds like fun and love your Wednesday! :)

  12. OMG, that last pin. I died a little.

  13. Thanks for stopping by - returning the love :-)

  14. I hope you had a wonderful vacation! I love those pins. Hehehe!