Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Virtual Coffee

Hi! Guess what time it is?!

Time for Virtual Coffee - woot!
Which means I'm linking up with Amy @ Lucky Number 13.

Would you like to have a sip with me?
But get your own cup. I'm not sharing mine.
That's just gross.

Today I'm just having a K-Cup Special: Cafe Mocha w/peppermint cream. 

Not my first choice ... but since we're 4 days away from payday - it's my only choice!
It's pretty tasty with the peppermint cream tho.

If we were REALLY meeting up for coffee today, I'd share with you ....

...I really enjoyed my two days off last week. I kicked up my feet, did some hooking and watched a lot of TV (including 6 hours of Two Broke Girls -- have you seen that? It cracks me up!). Good Times people. Good times I say!

...Speaking of hooking - I'm almost done with my handmade holiday gifts.
I hope people like them. I always feel lame giving out something I made but I'm trying to get over that hump.  Here's a peek:
any guesses to what it is? 

...yesterday morning as I was driving into work I was behind this:
I think it was a sign. I need Corona at 8:30am EVERY morning. Especially on days that looked like that!

...Christmas is just a week away (yikes!). I still need to get one more gift for my mama and something for the girls. Anyone have any suggestions on what to get two little girls (ages 11 and  8)? 

...lately I feel like I'm in need of an extra Thank You here and there. Do you ever feel like that? or am I being needed? I just want one good heartfelt thank you. Maybe I should go out and buy myself a Thank You Gift. LOL. Just Thank myself for being soooo awesome most some days. 

anyhoo....THANK YOU for stopping by my blog.
If we were really meeting for coffee today...what would you share with me?



  1. I've felt the need for some thank you's...sometimes I feel like all I get are "do this" and "do that" and never a "thanks for taking the time to____"

    As for the gifts for the girls, check on Amazon. There are some fun card games that I have for my kids that they might enjoy playing together. Just a thought

  2. Hi Trish, my guess would be a crochet doilie or maybe a tablecloth? The Christmas socks are adorable! I wish I'd seen your blog last month when I might of had some time to make these! Always next year!! These also would make cute decorations for a baby shower in appropiate colors :) I love them and will be following your blog, you have some many nice crochet items and cute ideas...thanks, Trish!