Wednesday, August 29, 2012

oOo How Pinteresting & What I'm Loving Wednesday

Hellllloooo! Happy Wednesday! 
Time to link up with Michelle and Jamie

I'm LOVING that I'm settling into my new apartment! Thanks to Troy helping me move (TWICE) and all the labor around the apt. And thanks to my shopping buddy (aka mom). 

I'm LOVING my new furniture. The couch is comfy and a nice place to relax in front of the tv!

I'm LOVING that this year I'm trying fantasy football. Now if you know anything about me you know that I am NOT a sports fan. at all. point blank period. Mind you -- I'm the person who asked Troy if such and such team got new "costumes". I better win this thing. 

I'm LOVING that next friday we're (my work team) is going to Go Ape! I can't wait to do the treetop adventure. SUPER EXCITED.

I'm LOVING the pinterest app on my Kindle Fire. Now even MORE ways for me to spend time on my pinterest:

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What are YOU LOVING this week?

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Teaser Tuesday - If Beale Street Could Talk

Teaser Tuesdays is a weekly bookish meme, 
hosted by MizB of Should be Reading.

"You see: I know him. He's very proud, and he worries a lot, and when I think about it, I know-he doesn't-that that's the biggest reason he's in jail. He worries too much already, I don't want him to worry about me. In fact, I didn't want to say what I had to say. But I knew I had to say it. He had to know."

Have you read any James Baldwin? This is my second book of his I've gotten into - so far - so good!



Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Quick Recommendation: Across the Universe

I'm toooo lazy to write a review.
Too lazy to even write a MINI review.

Don't judge me.
I'm being honest.

I just want to SHARE with you that you should read this book:

Go read it now.

It's soo good. 
I read this book...about 3 books ago and I'm STILL thinking about it.
I still think about the two main characters (Amy and Elder).
I'm still thinking ... could this happen to us in the future (being frozen and shipped across the universe)?
I mean for real for real?

You'll have to read it to find out what I mean.
When you do you can come back and thank me for telling you about this one.

I give it:

Only reason it didn't get the 5th star was because I figured out the "who done it" to one of the many questions in the book quite early and my mind couldn't get past that.

BUT. Go read it -- or move it up on your TBR pile.


Thursday, August 9, 2012

MINI REVIEW: Once Upon a Secret ...

What do you think... are you ready for a Mini Review?!

Once Upon a Secret: My Affair with President John F. Kennedy and Its Aftermath
By: Mimi Alford

I enjoyed this read -- for the most part -- I mean how can you not get into a story like this?! 19 year old girl goes off to Washington DC for a summer internship and loses her V-Card to John F. Kennedy during her first week on the job?! That's cray-cray. 

The story pulled me in right away. Then lost me around 80% thru (ironically this is about the place in the book where JFK is assassinated). I gobbled up all the deats between Mimi and JFK...BUUUUT I wish she said more. She so tiptoes around any negativity around/about JFK and if she does disclose something "dark" about him she tries to soften the blow. She also tries to rationalize a lot of what happened between her and JFK ... but how can you? It happened.

All-in-all. I DID like this book. But I wouldn't spend money on it. Get it from the library. Or wait until it's on sale in the bargain bucket/sidewalk sale.  You'll knock this read out in about a day or two.

P.S. I'm reading this book after reading TWO of the Fifty Shades of Grey Books. I REALLY wanted this to be more salacious. I wanted more dirty details. Well. Mimi doesn't really disclose any "dirty" details. I get it was a long time ago but I still want to know something.  Is that wrong!? Should I be more respectful?

Eh. Doesn't matter.
I give this:
Will you read this [book] now?


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Oooooh, How Pinteresting & What I'm Loving Wednesday

Time to link up with Michelle and Jamie

I'm LOVING that I finally updated my iphone with some new music...and some old. I've been craving Queen music lately. Weird? I dunno. Under Pressure seems to be my jam lately.

I'm LOVING that I finally have some time off. This day next week starts my stay-cation. I know I said this last month but this month I mean it. I'm taking some time off work.

I'm LOVING that I finally got some pool time this summer. 

I'm LOVING that I finally got rid of some clothes I know I'll never wear again. It's just soo hard to let go. You can relate....right?

I'm LOVING all my Pinterest Giggles this week:

Soo...what are YOU Loving?

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Teaser Tuesday ::: Once Upon a Secret

Teaser Tuesdays is a weekly bookish meme, 
hosted by MizB of Should be Reading.

"In the summer of 1962 I was nineteen years old working as an intern in the White House press office. During that summer, and for the next year and a half, until his tragic death in November 1963, I had an intimate, prolonged relationship with President John F. Kennedy."

Oooh-MMM--GEEE. I can't wait to get into THIS story.
Sounds juicy already right?! 



Thursday, August 2, 2012

Feature & Follow Friiday!

Follow My Book Blog Friday Hosts {Parajunkee & Alison Can Read}

Q: Do your reading habits change based on your mood? Do you read a certain genre if you are feeling depressed or happy?

I'm a pret-ty moody person.
I'll admit it.
UP and DOWN. Like a RollerCoaster.
I TO-TA-LLY blame it on my sign - the TWINS - Gemini.
Damn you twins!

My reading habits do not changed based on my mood - if they did I would never get any reading done.

Reading actually helps improve my mood if I'm depressed AND/OR if I'm happy. 
I hardly ever read anything heavy/sad anyway so it doesn't bring me down if I'm already feeling down. 
I choose to read mostly fun & happy books. 

How 'bout you? Do your reading habits change with your moods?!


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ooooh, How Pinteresting & What I'm Loving Wednesday

Time to link up with Michelle and Jamie
I'm LOVING that Troy called me up on Monday speaking my language: "Swirls!"
I love a swirl {it's Margarita swirled with Sangria and it's yum yum yummmmmmy}.

I'm LOVING that my little sisters (who are 10 & 7) send me little pictures they make on their ipods. But this latest one from the youngest has me going..."what?! {giggle}?!" YOU tell me what's wrong with this photo:
Ok. I'll tell you. MR. BEAR is getting his drink on with that Mojito. LOL. We won't mention that it says Happy Valentine's Day and it's only June. I don't know if this is a late message or super early.

I'm LOVING that we went tubing last Saturday and it turned out to be a very nice day.

I'm LOVING how my Doily turned out! Did you see my post yesterday? It's awwwesome!

I'm LOVING Pinterest!
Source: via Laura on Pinterest
Source: via Emily on Pinterest

What are YOU LOVING this week?