Wednesday, January 23, 2013

oOo, How Pinteresting & What I'm Loving Wednesday

How are you today? Happy Hump-Day! 

Let's link up with Michelle and Jamie

I'm LOVING that Troy found the kids that were STANDING ON MY CAR. yes. You read that right. Neighborhood kids were standing on the hood of my car like it was the local playground. Anyhoo. I'm loving that Troy found those kids. Had a talk with them and managed to get them to all knock on my door and apologize. I love that Troy did that!

I'm LOVING that I'm becoming a Master at 3 & 4 star daily calendar Sudoku. I'm so smart ya'll. 
(I wont tell you how long it takes me to do one puzzle...all that matters is I get 'er done!).

I'm LOVING Google's logo from Monday (MLK Jr Day):

I'm LOVING Little Debbie Valentines Day Snack cakes. Yum! I can eat a whole box in one sitting (somebody stop me!).

I'm LOVING Pinterest!!
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What are YOU LOVING this week?


  1. Thats awesome that Troy did that--I hate when people disrespect your property!
    Love the last pin about Target--totally true! hehe

  2. That ecard about Target is right on the money!

  3. AHAHAHA!!! The Target pin is so true!!!!

  4. I love the sign with the directions of everything- If only we could all escape to those places once in awhile!

  5. Great pins! I can't believe kids were standing on your car. Geez. What goes through their heads?!

  6. YAY! Thanks for visiting my blog! I can't believe kids were standing on your car like a bunch of goats! I'm glad they got caught! and I also LOVE the toilet seat Pinterest find. Thanks for stopping by!

    Jen @ Almost Gypsy Soul

  7. I like the Liz Taylor quote. I should tape that up somewhere around here. :)
    Good for Troy for resolving your kids-on-car problem! I'm sure the kids were like, "Oh now we get it. DON'T climb on cars. We were confused before." Gotta love kids. :)
    Have a lovely day!!
    Neighbors About Town Blog

  8. That garden direction sign is to die for! If I had a garden I'd be ALL over that!! Found you via The Vintage Apple's link up and now following. Hope you can do the same at