Friday, January 11, 2013

Tale # 105 : The Time I Made a Grown Man Cry

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Here's mine for today:

Tale #105

Have I ever told you about the time .... 

The time I made a grown man cry.
You read that right.

It was a nice summer day.
For real. I remember it like it was yesterday because I was wearing a dress and it was hot as balls out.
So I was sitting in my car.
Minding my own Business.
Waiting for the light to turn green.

I looked up...light was red.
Looked down at my lap ... light was red.
Looked up again - light red.
Down...okay you get the point.

Next I look up light is green. Hooray.
So I look down again for maybe 3 seconds. Decide to take my foot of the brake and

I guess the green light didn't indicate to the fool in front of me that it was time to go.
and MIND YOU. I HAD WAITED a few seconds after I saw the light was green before I removed my foot from the brake.

Dude gets out of his car all red faced.
I was cool as a cucumber. For some reason I didn't freak out {which is odd for me}.
He gets out of the car with a pink slip in his hands arms flying around all wild and stuff and comes to me and goes "I JUST GO THIS CAR!!!".
I guess the pink slip was to show to me the still-wet-ink on the paper.

I'll tell you ... when he saw the damage it freaked HIM out even more.
There in his lovely luxury bumper (did I tell you this was a Lexus?!) was the imprint of my license plate, some red paint and two holes from the rusty plates on the front of my car.

My car. Perfectly fine.
The only luxury part of my car is me.

Anyhoo. I guess since I was so calm  - it calmed this red faced, teary eyed, wild arms driver.
We exchanged information. He called me a couple times to coordinate the repairs.
I - of course - had to pay for damage since I rear ended homie but whateve.
Accidents happen.

I'll always remember how upset he was.
and it makes me chuckle.
Is that wrong?

That's my tale.
Tale #105

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  1. lol, I like the line about the only thing luxury about your car is you :)