Monday, January 7, 2013

Tale #196 ::: Jumping Up & Down in the Fitting Room

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Tale #196

Have I ever told you about the time .... 

That I had to jump up and down in the fitting room?
I kid you not.
and this wasn't the "yay! I found a cute outfit" jump
or that "I can almost fit into these jeans" jump

none of that.

It was the "jump to make sure this bra fits".
have you ever done that?

It's something my Stepmom use to have me to when we went back to school shopping. This is like 7th - 8th grade. was SUPER embarrassing.

and let me tell you something...I was 95 pounds with "C" cups in middle school! I know. Don't be jealous.

Anyhoo I would try the bra on.

Do my jump.
and if everything remained in place we were good.
If it didn't then I wouldn't get it for fear of nip slip or embarrassing wardrobe malfunction.

and 15+ years later....
...I still do the jump.

That's my tale.
Tale #196

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  1. lol--that is definitely big-boob problems, of which I haven't had much issue with, sadly. I can totally picture you doing this tho :)

  2. Never had to worry about that unfortunately... Sounds pretty funny though!!! :))

  3. Lol - yes you're not alone, I've done that too.