Monday, January 21, 2013

Tale #479 ::: The Time I Smacked a Co-Worker on the Butt

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Tale #479

Have I ever told you about the time .... 
Yea. You read that title right -- the time I smacked a co-worker on the butt.
You probably think I'm some big pervert. 
and I'm not.
Not really.

Buuuuuut when you see someone bending over they are just asking for it?
Think that line flies in HR?

So what had happened was: I have this co-worker that is also my friend. 

And I don't remember the circumstances of this particular day but we have a real jokey type of friendship.

I saw an opportunity to get her back for something (because there's always something).

She was bending over ... so I smacked her really hard on the butt. 
I mean she was bending over right in front of me. 
That was a welcome ... right? 
A HUGE sign that says SMACK ME
wow ...I do sound like a pervert.
I mean this story in the least perverse way as possible ... of course. you get what I'm saying here ... dontcha?

A second after the *SMACK* my co-worker/friends stands up..rubs her butt and goes - 


and to my TOTAL EMBARRASSMENT...I turn around and see the PUBLISHER of the Newspaper I work at standing right behind me. 


My Boss's Boss.

Let that sink it.

My Boss's Boss.

Jim casually responds: "Yup, looks like sexual harassment to me." 

OMG. I have never been so embarrassed.

My co-worker got a HUGE laugh out of it (the publisher was a real cool person. He didn't even really react. His door was always open so I'm sure a smack on the rear-end is just another day in the newspaper industry).  

I'm STILL slightly embarrassed that happened...and that was 4-5 years ago.

That's my tale. The time I smacked a co-worker on the butt. #embarrassing :) 
Tale #479

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  1. That is so funny! You must have been embarrassed! Haha! :D

  2. Oh Trish! It's good that you can laugh about it now. Ha!!

    My tale is just kind of how much I love to color. Does that count??

    Have a lovely day!

    Neighbors About Town Blog

  3. BAHAHAHAHAHA, you're right, you do have a lot of stories. I'm surprised I haven't heard them all already haha