Thursday, January 3, 2013

Tale # 623 ::: Lenny Kravitz Made Me Cry.

 I think it's about time I live up to my blog name and start sharing some tales with you. 
What do you think about that? 
I have a lot of stories to tell. 
For some reason a bunch of random s*&# stuff happens to me. I don't know why. I don't now how. 
It must be something about me. But it happens. 

So EVERY MONDAY {starting January 7th} I will host "A Tale to Tell..." a linky party that allows my fellow bloggers to link up their Tales. It can be about whatever your heart desires! 

Have a tale? Well share it!

Here...I'll go first:

Tale #623

Have I ever told you about the time .... 

Lenny Kravitz made me cry?
Don't look at the computer screen that way.
I see you eyeballing me. But I'm so serious.
Lenny Kravitz made me cry.

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I remember it like it was yesterday.
He was wearing these red leather pants.
and a cream maybe it was black...
no no it was cream...I think.

At the time I was OBSESSED with LK. 
Yup. LK. We're so cool I'm allowed to give him a nickname. 
And my friend invited me to a concert. It was one of those jinglebellball concerts where lots of acts come together and put on a show. LK was the host. 
As soon as he walked on the stage the tears started flowing.

I missed every word he said.
The person I was MOST excited about seeing was drowned out by my tears and screaming.
He never came out on the stage again.

 At that point, I knew I had to reject his marriage proposal. How could I possibly marry someone who only sashays across the stage in hot leather pants one time?!

Despite never marrying LK - I still have fond memories of how excited I was to see his butt in his video for the song "Again". 
and the song lives up to the name because I watched the video again and again....and again. 

That's my tale.
Tale #623

Have a Tale to Tell?
oooh share it with me! I love reading other people's tales. 
Come back here and share it every Monday! 
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  1. I lol'ed at this story, and can totally picture you doing this, even though you're NOT that girl. Which makes it that much funnier.
    LOVE the link-up idea. I already have a story ready to go for Monday!!

  2. I just want to know, whatever happened to Lenny?? The last song I remember was Fly Away.

    ^totally just aged myself there!!

  3. Super funny. As I am much older, I have plenty of tales to tell, so I have put your link up on my calendar. Now to choose just one. :-) It is nice to meet you and look forward to reading more. ~Kim

  4. This made me smile as I, too, had an obsession with Lenny. I will say that to this day, he would be #1 if I still kept a "List". I was a grown woman with a child and still had a framed Lenny poster hanging up.

  5. Love it! I love the idea of your link up as well!