Wednesday, February 6, 2013

oOo, how piiinteresting & WILW

Happy Wednesday People! 

Let's link up with Michelle and Jamie

I'm LOVING what my mom made for me:
She's getting really good at beading!

Speaking of Mom: I'm LOVING that I have her kindle (ok I've had it for MONTHS now) and I'm reading all the great books she has downloaded on to it. Saves me Money and a Trip (virtual trip) to the library!

I'm LOVING that my team won at the Superbowl ... aka Team Beyonce!
I LOVE her.
I loved Alicia Keys and I hate to say this...Jennifer Hudson too.
I'm LOVING Scandal. I'm currently watching season 1 on Netflix.
I do see what all the fuss is about! I was pulled in on the first episode!

I'm LOVING Pinterest!
Source: via Tara on Pinterest

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What are YOU LOVING this week?


  1. Your moms' bracelets are really cute! Go her!
    Also, you might wanna change "one" to "won" haha
    I keep seeing that last pin about grapes and wine...makes me laugh :)

  2. Gah, Beyonce was so great. As were Alicia Keys and Jennifer Hudson. Those are some talented ladies!

  3. I'm trying to get into Scandal and just can't. Maybe I will try again. Everyone says such great things about it.

    Stopping by from What I'm Loving Wednesday!

    Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

  4. Visiting from the linkup...Scandal is SO good, I'm so happy it's on tomorrow! It became one of my favorite shows very quickly.

    I'm hosting a giveaway over on my blog - check it out!

  5. Love the wine cork board! Super cute! And the last someecard..hahaha! Happy Wednesday!

  6. No question, Beyonce won the Superbowl.

  7. Love the ecards! Made me laugh!

  8. Hey, Trish! I'm still thinking about the mini-concert Beyonce' put on for the Superbowl and I loved Alicia and Jen too! & Scandal is definitely my's got me living for Thursday's!!! Lastly, I really need to get back into crocheting, thanks for the reminder!

    Found you through Rekita's "A Lovely Blog Hop"!