Thursday, March 21, 2013

Follow Friday ::: Guilty Pleasure

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Q: What is your guilty pleasure as far as reading? Is it a genre, or is it a certain type of book?

YA is TOTALLY my guilty pleasure. I just LOVE that genre. I'm so thankful for my Kindles so I can secretly enjoy all my teeny-bopper books in public places and not feel ashamed.

What is YOUR guilty pleasure as far as reading?


  1. Haha! I am the same way! Love YA even though I'm in my late 20's. Never too old to read YA :-)

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  2. YES to e-readers!! I'm a high school teacher, so I feel weird when I crack open my YA hardback novel. My students are super nosy and want to know what I'm reading. (So to clarify- I have my free period while another class is in my room. I don't just not teach, LOL.)

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  3. Hopping through. Yay for YA. It is nice to have a kindle with you but I'm trying not to be embarrassed about reading teen books in public.
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  4. Yes! My Kindle does some wonders because I'm pretty sure people would laugh at me at everything I sometimes read lol
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  6. Love It!
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  7. YA is a genre I'm slowly getting into and enjoying it very much! In general the e-reader has been a saver in hiding any type of book cover.

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  8. Why should we be ashamed? Who doesn't love YA? Age is not an issue. :)
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  9. I love YA too - and I don't care what anyone says. But I know what you mean. People do judge us adults who read teen books. They just don't know what they're missing. Glad to follow. You can find my FF here:

  10. YA's pretty great! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Happy Friday! :D

  11. YA can be both good and bad, I don't know... it's hard finding one YA book with a story that hasn't been told yet, it's like the authors have a pattern (annoying, sloppy, ugly-but-beautiful female protagonists, love triangles...), but it feels SO GOOD when you finally find one that it's epic!!

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  12. I love love love YA!!

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  13. I love YA! It's almost all I read nowadays. There are just so many great books out there!

  14. I love young adult books, I hope I never grow out of them! :)

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