Monday, April 29, 2013

Pinwheel Rose Potholder/Trivet

How many times have you been on Pinterest and find something you LOVE and want to make and you go to click on the link and HELLO....the link sucks! There's no patterns/directions and you're left lusting over a pin.

This happened to me recently. 

I found THIS pin. 

And so I went to this blog which the pin originated from. 
Found the pattern that was linked in the post and started crocheting right away.
{original pattern} 2 days later I realized mine looked NOTHING like the pin. NOTHING.

So I emailed the author of the blog and and asked her for the pattern -- which she didn't have (I even offered to buy it)! She modified the original pattern. Ugh.

So THIS GURL sat down...and tried to figure the ish out:

and guess what: I DID!

Back Shot:

I LOVE the way they look...but don't know if I'll make anymore.
I found another trivet/potholder pattern that I like MUCH better and will share with you next week or so.

What do you think of these?
I think the one from the PIN looks much better than my own.



  1. I think they only difference in the pin and yours is the color part of it. I love it regardless, good job lady!!

  2. Did you ever get a pattern of this made?