Monday, May 20, 2013

Crochet A.D.D. ... AGAIN! Wins Every Time. A SECOND WIP.

Ok. Call me crazy.
Just go ahead. 
Get it out of the way.

Last week I shared with you my Vintage Fan Ripple blanket I'm making it for my Stepmom.
As I'm hooking I get flickers of doubt in my head wondering if it's something she'll like. 

I try to go back and look at the things she "liked" on my Crochet Pinterest board. And she didn't "like" the Vintage Fan I over thinking this?  

SO. With that being said. I started a second blanket. This time I'm doing BabyBrandLove's Geometric Lace pattern.

Same colors as my Vintage Fan Ripple (you remember...the Beach Theme?) but I added White (clouds?) and Dark Blue (just because):

I always get SUPER paranoid when I make things for people.  How do I get over this?

Stitch giving me his humble opinion...per usual.

What do you think?



  1. I don't think you ever get over it. I still second guess myself when I'm crocheting something for someone else - always wondering if they'll like it or not.

    I like the blanket you're crocheting now - it's coming out very nice. :)

  2. Gorgeous! As long as it's colors she likes or that go with her house... somewhere... she will love it... unless you've already made her 25 afghans... then...

  3. I think it looks really pretty. The other one was really unique looking with the pattern. And since it looked like little seashells, it TOTALLY goes with the beach theme.

  4. Lovely! Your kitty looks like he wants to play with the yarn!! ;) Thanks for sharing on Party In Polka Dots!


  5. wanted to invite you to my link party where we pin all those who join to our party board