Friday, May 17, 2013

Follow Friday ::: Summer Reading

Q: School is out! What is your favorite Summer Reading book?

Let's be real - school's been out for me for a looooong time. And as of now, I have not intention to going back!

But, I do enjoy summer reading! There isn't a particular book I like to read every summer...I actually prefer to read the magazines that I let pile up all winter.

It's weird. I have no time to read my magazines as soon as winter hits, but whenever summer comes around I load my subscriptions in my bag, tote them to the pool and spend the summer months catching up on all the stuff I missed during the cold months.

How about you -- do you have a favorite summer reading book?



  1. I think it makes sense...magazines are light reads so you can still people watch at the pool without missing out on a big plot like from a book. I find when I bring a book to the pool I end up re-reading a lot cuz I get distracted watching the people around me haha

  2. Oh nice. I can't remember when i sat down and read a magazine :) happy weekend.


  3. Oh yeah, magazines! That's a good one. :)

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  4. Great answer. Different from everyone else.

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  5. Cool! I can't remember the last time i've read a magazine. New follower.
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  6. So happy to hop around to other blogs and see what other's summer reads are =D

    I'm a new follower so i look forward to your future posts and future reviews.I hope that I can get tons of recommendations from any reviews you may write and hope i can see you hop around to one of my blogs as well. If it interests you, show your support by following =)
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  7. I tend to stick to lighter reads in the summer. I love young adult fiction and fun romances.

  8. Oh good answer! I don't read many magazines, but I think going to a pool or beach is the perfect time to do so. It can be too distracting to get lost in a book, and it's probably safer to read a magazine so you don't lose track of yourself and end up burnt! Haha. Thanks for stopping by my F&F, following back :)

  9. I don't read magazines much. They're a bit boring to me

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  10. Good answer. Thank you so much for stopping by! Happy Reading!!

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  12. I haven't read a magazine for a long time. Don't know why.

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    Marilyn @ Marilyn's Mystery Blog

  13. Hey, fellow Marylander! Hope you enjoy your magazines! :D

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  14. I usually opt for contemporary romances during summertime :)

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  15. I love flipping through magazines too. If only they weren't so expensive! New follower and I'd really appreciate it if you could follow me back!
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  16. Maybe I need to switch to magazines. I have tons of old ones that I have been meaning to read forever. Thanks for visiting my FF.

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  17. I love magazines. Sometimes it is nice to just flip through one. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm a new follower via GFC. Have a great week!