Thursday, May 30, 2013

It's my GOLDEN Birthday - 30 on the 30th

Guess what today is...

MAY 30th

which means ...

I'm 30! 

Yippeee! 30 on the 30th. I'm quite excited about this.

I'm looking forward to a GREAT happy hour with lots of friends tomorrow and then a day of pampering (massage, facial, mani, pedi, hair did) on Saturday.

I'm so excited!

Since it IS about a little bit of #TBT (throwback thursday)?


And thanks to these two people for making me:

Love ya Mom & Dad!



  1. Awwww, look at my little Trishy poo when she was little!!!! You look so innocent (and we both know that's not true today! haha)
    Love you SO much! Happy happy happy birthday! I hope it's wonderful!!!

  2. Woohoo - Happy Birthday!!!! And the pics and cuuutteeeee!!!

  3. I wish you a very Happy Birthday!! Have a great day tomorrow. :)