Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Oh, How PINteresting and What I'm Loving Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!

Let's link up with Michelle and Jamie

I'm LOVING this:
story of my life!

I'm LOVING Nicole Richie's hair:
(not that white hair she had last week or so but her normal "everyday" hair):

might have to show this to my hair dresser when I get my hair did next.


I'm LOVING Pinterest!
{I HATE the way Pinterest embeds their pins now. So annoying. So you can find everything I pinned below HERE).

Johnny Cash's Happy Birthday Note To June Carter Cash - swoon

Vintage Cards Framed. I LOVE everything about and in this pin.

What are YOU LOVING and/or PINNING this week?



  1. Im glad you didn't use the embed thing--cuz now I can actually see all of your pins! haha
    Love the quotes and I also SUPER love Nicole Richie's haircut too. Really really cute!

  2. Holy cow, that first thing is sooo me. I cannot stay focused to save my life, sometimes.

    Johnny and June are the sweetest. Gotta love them old school country singers!

  3. Those are some great pins! I especially love the letter from Johnny to June! :) I wish I had time to get on Pinterest, but it's such a timesuck and I'll never get anything done if I allow myself back on there. :P

  4. Amen on embedding pins being annoying! I keep thinking they are going to switch it back! I can't ever get it to work!