Thursday, June 13, 2013

TOP 10 FEATURES from Pin It Monday Hop #11

------------------------------------ Hello everyone! We just love to feature your project! It is time once again for our Top 10 Project Features from Pin It Monday Hop#11.  Thank you so much to all who linked up last week.  
Trish favorite post (Tales fromTrish - Co-host)

Gorgeous! I can see this as part of my home decor already!
Paper Dahlia Decor Snippets of Inspiration
Who doesn't love cake and candy all in one?! I want this for my next birthday :)
Pinata Cake Tutorial! by Loving Life in Pink
I have 1,345,678 of these containers around my apartment. So many great ideas on this post. Genius & Creative!
What to Make Out of a Crystal Light Container

Miriam's favorite post (My Adventure with my 2 Kids- Co-host)

Didn't think that adding a deck could cost under $300 they did a great job
Our-Under $300 Complete Deck

Awesome idea of how to transform the dresser into an island table.
Hospitality – Upcycled Kitchen Island

yummy I would like to try this
Homemade Crunchy Cherry Almond Granola

Danielle's favorite post (My Snippets of Inspiration - Co-host)

I really enjoyed this post because the lamp turned out beautifully and the writer is exceptionally honest about her work!
How NOT To Paint A Ceramic Lamp

This was a great post because of the new ideas that will make my laundry chore MUCH easier!
Save Time Doing Laundry, My Version

I love this post because of the clear instructions and bright pictures!
How To Make A Trifle

Judy's favorite post (Pursuit of Functional Home - Host)

I like easy and fool proof recipe that I can whip up in no time. I like the thought that my Guest would think I put so much effort into it.
Chocolate Marshmallow Croissants
Thank you so much for checking out our Top 10 Features from Pin It Monday Hop#11. Our latest Pin It Monday Hop#12 is still open. Have a great day! See you there!

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