Thursday, July 18, 2013

Ok... So Let Me Ask You a Question ...

Q: Is it okay to send a gift of a handmade blanket for a baby shower to someone you only kinda know?

Here's the back story - short version:
I was invited to a baby shower by an ex co-worker / acquaintance. I don't know her THAT well - so I'm iffy on if I should send this:

Or if I should just send a gift card and/or should I send both (I keep saying "send" because I'm going to miss the shower)?

She's a great girl. We've been out in groups for happy hours a few times and she came out for my bday. But I'd hate to send this and she'd be like "WTF...?!" or think it's lame.

What do you think I should do? I did make this for her - I just don't know if I should send it...

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  1. Good morning Trish. I would send the blanket if I were you. I'm sure that she will love it - how could she not? She will probably be touched that you thought enough to take the time to crochet it for her baby. :)

  2. I think it's a very kind gesture and I don't think she would say "what the eff" if she got it. Especially if you put a note in there and let her know that you made is special for her and her baby. I think that will touch any mommy-to-be in the heart. Send!

  3. I personally think it's a beautiful gift. I know some people don't appreciate handmade gifts but I think it's more special. Do you think she would use it? I don't give handmade gifts to people who wouldn't appreciate them or use them.

  4. I think it's beautiful - I don't know of many people that don't appreciate a quality handmade gift.

  5. I think the blanket is a wonderful gift! I've given home made blankets to many people for baby shower gifts. And they've always loved them!

  6. Very pretty! Thanks for sharing at my Pin Me Linky Party!

  7. Love the idea! I think anyone would be happy to receive it. Is it just a granny square?

  8. I would definitely send it and surely she would love it and treasure it as a keepsake for her baby. My kids are still little and I treasure all the things my mother in law has knitted for them. Thanks for sharing at All Things Pretty!