Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Virtual Coffee

How about a little virtual coffee this week?
I haven't decided what to have in my coffee today - lately it's been Toffee Nut Creamer, which is super sweet and right up my alley.
Have you your cup of joe yet? Ready to chat?
Lately, I've been experiencing a lot of foot in mouth syndrome. And I'll tell you. I don't like the taste of it. My word vomit is out of control and things have been coming out wrong. It's the case of me speaking before thinking (per usual) just now it's happening a lot more frequently than in the past.
Ugh. I really need to work on keeping my sarcasm down and my mouth shut.
Does this just happen to me?
Good news: I've been making some sales at work (thank goodness!). I hope I can keep it up. I hope to bonus and make some $$. My money game is not near what I need and/or want it to be. My savings for the past few months has only had about $2 bucks in it and my Emergency Fund had a whooping $1.27.  I had hopes to buy a new car soon but with switching jobs and going 5 months without a commission check - I'm playing catch up.
Please tell me I'm not the only one with money woes....or maybe I'm just the only one to air that I'm currently cash-poor.
So now that GFC is gone -- how are you choosing to follow blogs? I've tried Feedly for awhile. And it was just aiight. Lately I've been on Bloglovin' and I like that. I like that I get an email with all the blogs for the day.  Why did Google decide to trash GFC? I mean I spent all this time trying to get my follower game up and just like that....google ends a good thing. tsk.
Have you any good plans for the 4th? I have a couple invites to BBQs but I don't know what I'm going to do. I think I may just spend the day in bed being lazy (is that lame?).  I don't care about the fireworks and I have to work the next day so I'm not in the mood to do anything that exerts a lot of energy. Does that mean I'm officially getting old!?
well. that's all that I have for today. I need to down this coffee and head to my appointment and {hopefully} get another sale.
Virtual Coffee Hosted by Amy @ Lucky Number 13

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  1. hahah foot in mouth syndrome--good luck! :)
    4th of July for me will be at the shore in Jersey (not "THE" shore tho). until Sunday when we have to come back and go back to work. Womp womp. Hope you have fun no matter what you end up doing!!

  2. For the 4th, one of my friends is hosting a grill out in the afternoon. So I think I'm going there. I haven't decided where I'm going to watch fireworks, but I really want to.

  3. awwww...man! sounds like we're both dealing with some STUFF! money woes are always so daunting, right!? you better have another cup of joe :)

    found you from amy's blog.

  4. money woes seem to be the story of my/our life. just today we found out one of the cars needs about $600 worth of work done... and it had about that done around 6 months ago. i'm in denial really. no big plans for the 4th but we will come up with something by then i guess. and you know what? laying in bed might be lame but it sounds good to me!

  5. Hi there! I wish you’re feeling better now. Having that kind of ailment is definitely tragic! I’m caffeine addict and I really the smell of coffee in the morning. I simply can’t miss coz’ if I do, I’d suffer from headache till the end of the day. Hope you’re having a wonderful day!

    from Jade @Split Site PhD