Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Virtual Coffee

Happy Tuesday. Glad to see you survived Monday.
Ready for some Virtual Coffee?
Today I'm just having a regular Breakfast Blend K-cup...Giant Brand (I'm on a budget...ok more like I'm broke but what-eves).
Have you your cup of coffee yet? Ready to chat?
So this weekend we went with the bride Jenn dress shopping. She looked gorgeous in everything. I even got a little tingle in my throat when she tried on her now #1 pick. I'm very happy her. I did have that brief thought "I'd like to be a bride one day...." but that thought vanished just as quickly as it entered my head. Am I the only one who is always a bridesmaid and never the bride?
I mailed off the baby blanket I was debating on if I should gift or not. I assume the mother-to-be has received it by now but I have no idea. Then, last night I had a dream she found out she was having a girl instead of a boy and I was panicked like "should I ask for the blanket back so I can make her a pink version." The blanket I made and sent is clearly baby boy inspired.  Giving out handmade gifts is stressful to me...and for me to have a "dream" about it --- which btw I hardly ever dream --- ugh.
I've been Anxious Annie lately. Last week I nearly had a full on anxiety attack. It took forever to get my heart to slow down and to stop sweating.  My thoughts were just all over the place - and the trigger this time: WORK. I have to say this new job has been 75% less stressful than my last BUT since I've arrived here (in February) the Admin Assistant quit...the General Sales Mgr quit...and NOW: the REGIONAL mgr quit. WTF? It makes me worry - do these people know something I don't (well I talk to the AA still after she left she became in instant friend during the few months I did get to work with her) but the fact that the upper levels quit scares me. Plus the thought of new people coming in - TERRIFIED. What if a new manager comes in and wants to bring in all their own people? and BOOM. I'm out of a job (it IS typically for that to happen especially in sales).  Would this give you anxiety too? Or am I over reacting?
Ok. All this re-thinking of stuff is giving me a bubbling in my stomach. So I'm going to end this coffee break now and try to take my mind off things.
What's going on in your world?
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  1. I hope things at work get settled quickly so you know where everything stands. Hopefully they wouldn't come in and just replace everyone. Just try not to stress about it (as much as possible) since there's nothing you can really do to change it. Just keep working hard.

    I'm SO excited that you were there with me to try on dresses. Honestly, when you told me about the tingle in your throat (not the tingle in your pants hahahah), it made me tear up a little bit, too :) SO glad you were there with me--it wouldn't have been the same :) Love you!!

  2. Ummm yeah, that work situation does sounds kind of scary... I hope it all works out and you can stop worrying! Anxiety attacks stink. :((((

  3. Wedding dress shopping is so fun! I went for myself a few weeks ago and for my cousin a few weeks before that! I know you mean about the tingle in the throat! :)

  4. OMG - similar situation - and I'm just 2 days in. Every day something has big time wrong. I'm scared for tomorrow.