Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Virtual Coffee

G'day folks.
Happy Tuesday to you! How about some virtual coffee?

Today I think I'll have a Grande Peppermint Latte...aka Christmas in a cup - Don't you think?

Have you your cup of coffee yet? Ready to chat?

So, I had a great weekend - which included playing some Phase 10 with Troy. I insist that he and I play for points - each time - even though I lose EVERY SINGLE TIME. I'm guess I'm just a sucker for punishment. This weekend I handled my lost like a champ - and I'll admit I'm a sore loser. I think it's because as an only child I always won games ... Mr. Teddy Bear always lost.  Should I be ashamed that I'm 30 and I'm a terrible loser!? Are you the same? Have you ever played Phase 10?

I got two days in at the pool last week - which I'm THRILLED about. I even did some laps! Normally I just dip my feet in, so the fact that I actually "swam" (and swam is in quotes because I'm sure I looked like a drowning bug) is quite impressive. Did you get any pool time this weekend and/or are you obsessed with going to the pool like me?

I ended up with having an awesome July sales month at work. First time ever. I would share a picture of my boards ... but that wouldn't mean anything to anyone but me - just know it was awesome! I'm proud of myself. Now if only I can have a repeat in August. How are things at work for you? Good? Bad? Slow?

This weekend I talked to Troy about opening my own little Etsy shop. I'm doing my research to see if it's worthwhile for me. Some people are pro Etsy (despite the fees) some are not. Some people are pro Facebook shops (which I didn't even know existed...maybe they meant facebook pages?). I would love to sell the stuff I make ... I just don't know yet which venture to take on. Have you ever sold any handmade goods and/or purchased any handmade goods. Have you any advice?

If we were meeting for coffee -- what would you share with me?

Virtual Coffee Hosted by Amy @ Lucky Number 13

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  1. I hate to lose too - even to the kids! Sad, I know - I put on a straight face like it doesn't bother me, but inside, I'm aching to beat their little butts :-)

    I don't know anything about selling goods unfortunately - but aren't there any free options around?

    Tanya Patrice

  2. Hey Trish!
    I don't have any selling advice for you, either. I used to make dog treats and the local people bakery would display them for me (they got a bit of the sale). I'm sure you can do way better on the internet--whichever site you decide on.

    OK...we're having coffee...so I'd tell you all about the skink that we discovered in our house at about midnight a couple nights ago. The kids freeeaaked out. We trapped him and set him free outside. It's always something. Have a great day!

    Neighbors About Town Blog