Monday, August 26, 2013

10 Lil Hats

See these cuties? They are all ready for dem little babies being born in Prince George's County Hospital!

Debi Y over at Dly's Hooks & Yarns has organized a group called Guardian Grandma's and these lovely ladies will make hats, baby cocoons, and blankets to be donated to the hospital. 

To my surprise the hospital Debi's donating to is the hospital in the county next to I HAD to jump on board.

I know what you're thinking: "Trish is too young and fabulous to have grandchildren" -and you're right! I don't even have a kid ... but I expect one day to push one out and that offspring (I assume) will have offspring and BOOM. 30+ years from now I'll be Gma Trish. 

So for now I'm and "Honorary Grandma".
And here are my hats:

I love these the most:

Aren't they cute? I wonder if they are too small...I am unfamiliar with newborn babies head size so fingers crossed they'll fit.

Anyhoo, they are ready to be packaged and ready to warm some little heads!

I encourage you to check out Debi's blog and make some baby hats or blankets to donate to her hospital or your local one. It makes you feel all warm and fuzzy when you do!

All the feedback is incredible! I shared this on my facebook and instagram yesterday and now I'm motivated to make more!

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  1. These little hats will be perfect Trish. They are all so cute. Thank you for being an 'honorary grandma' - I appreciate it very much. :)

  2. OH Trish! So cute! I will have to check it out!

  3. These are SO adorable!!! So nice of you :)

  4. Awesome little hats Trish! You are so sweet and generous to donate to the hospital. What a lovely act of kindness! penny x

  5. So sweet of you - and what sweet little hats! It's funny to think of you as a "grandma," even if it's just honorary, since you're barely out of your 20s!!

  6. You hats are so adorable! And yay for donating them! I should do that, too! Thanks for sharing at Submarine Sunday!

  7. Hey Trish!
    I love your little hats..and I need to make one this weekend for a friends little one so this post was pretty timely for me :D
    I'm also going to check out Debi's Guardian Grandmas because I have a Crochet Charity page on my website. So thanks for that!

    I have a Crochet Only Linky Party and I would LOVE to have you join? Here's a link for you:

    I found your site from the PIN ME party and I'll be a new regular visiter, I sure :)


  8. Your hats are just perfect! Well done.

  9. I love your little preemie hats. I just joined in too. If we all give a little - together we will achieve a whole lot! best wishes.