Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Virtual Coffee - Are you in?

Happy Tuesday.
How was your Monday?!
I have the PERFECT solution for a case of the Mondays...ready for it?

Yummy, scrumptious Krispie Kreme donuts. I ate like 5 yesterday. So good.

Anyhoo, ready for some virtual coffee?
Today I'm having hotel lobby coffee...because I'm in Norfolk, VA training. I'll probably need 2-3 cups since I'm up extra early.
Have you your cup of coffee yet? Ready to chat?
So, remember my last Virtual Coffee? I was full of anxiety since the regional mgr had quit (and remember my general sales manager and my admin assistant had also quit months prior) and I was worried what would be the fate for my office. Well good news is - I'm still employed and the Assistant Vice President of Sales for the company came in and said he wasn't looking to overturn my team. whew! I'm still nervous but not as filled with anxiety as before. Plus I really like the message that the AVP of sales promotes which is to have fun, and basically don't worry about yesterday.
How are things going for you at work?

This week I'm in Norfolk, VA for a training. New people in the company are sent up (or down depending where you're coming from) to Norfolk to learn all the ends and outs. I've heard FANTASTIC things about this training from my co-workers so I'm looking forward to it.  I'm a bit nervous because I'm going with NOBODY that I know. I'll have to make new friends....well...I'm hoping I can make new friends. Or else it'll be a long lonely week.
Do you get nervous having to be somewhere (for a week) and you don't know anyone?
While I'm away - Stitch is at my mom's house. He is NOT too thrilled. He is an only-furbaby. He doesn't really like other animals. But he'll have to put aside his feelings because he'll be with Sammie the GSD all week (who I'm sure is THRILLED) Stitch is there. I'm not too worried about Stitch though, homey already made himself comfortable -- in Sammie's bed! He has some big balls (not real balls though...because he's neutered....you know I take Bob Barker's advice very seriously).
How are your furbabies doing?

 Well. That's it for me today.
How are things going for you?
 Virtual Coffee is hosted by Amy @ Lucky Number 13

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  1. I hope you have a good training! Stinks that Genna wasn't in town to hang out with you. Any chance you'll go back down there again at any point?
    I'd get nervous about going and not knowing anyone, so I totally get it. I'm sure you'll make some friends :)
    I'm SUPER glad to hear about the news from your work. I know you were stressed!

  2. Good luck with your training. You're a nice young lady - you'll have no trouble making friends. :)

  3. Just sat down with my cup of coffee... straight up/really strong... perfect. I would love to be gone somewhere for a week where I didn't know anyone... but I wouldn't want to have to do any work! Good luck. Hope your week is great!

  4. Oh I love the last picture - made me smile :-) Yay for resolving work problems! I've started a new job and working looong hours, and putting out fires all day long. I enjoy the work, but boy is it stressful.

    Tanya Patrice

  5. 5 KK donuts sound amazingly delicious. Good luck with your training. A friend of mine has a training there next week and she's dragging me alone so that when's she's not training we can explore Norfolk. I'm excited bc I love traveling!