Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Virtual Coffee : Back from My Mental Health Break

Good Morning People!
I hope you had a fantabulous weekend and Monday -- I know I did!
Are you interested in grabbing some virtual coffee? Go ahead. I know you want to.
I have mine and I'm all ready to go.
This weekend I had TWO PSLs ... so today ... I'm sticking with my plain ol' breakfast blend Keurig coffee. I'd end up in the poor house if I fed into my pumpkin spice latte addiction. I'm trying to remind myself that $5 coffee is a treat. 

Have you your cup of coffee yet? Ready to chat?
Thanks to my dear buddy Stephanie (and Groupon) we discovered this cute little winery right in Olney, MD. In the past two weeks we've been there TWICE. The wine isn't like the best - but the place is cute and the staff is nice and both times we went we had a GREAT time. Any place you like to go where maybe the food/drink isn't awesome but the atmosphere makes up for it?

Last week I took off a few days of work for my "Mental Health" vacation. Just time to not think about work and to relax and to read and to eat and drink and eat and drink and eat and drink (get my point?). If you don't already do this every so often - I highly recommend it. My motivation this time around was because I ended up inviting myself to my friend Marie's vacation (yes I'm THAT girl who invites herself everywhere). We spent a couple days at the beach and it was awe-some! When's the last time you took a mental health day - and what did you do?
Of course we devoured CRABS in Ocean City, MD. They were so tasty!

We ended up with great weather. It was so nice out.

No shame in our game - SELFIE SATURDAY

Today, I'm back to work. Back on my grind. Got a lot of admin work to do and people to see ANND I heard through the grape vine that my new manager starts next week - YIKES! I'm curious to find out if/how/when this will change my roll at work. I hope not. But I bet it will. How are things for you at work?

 Anyhoo, what's going on in your world? If we were having coffee today -- what would you share with me?
 Virtual Coffee is hosted by Amy @ Lucky Number 13

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  1. Yay - glad you're back and sane :-) Seriousl, every one needs a mental health - chill the "f" our day as I call it :-)

    Tanya Patrice

  2. So glad you were able to get some mental health time and see your buddy. The weather this weekend was INCREDIBLE, you couldn't have picked a better time to go!
    Good luck with the new manager!

  3. Everyone needs mental health days now and then, looks like you enjoyed them! I LOVE spending time at wineries. There is one that I frequent quite a bit, the wine isn't the best but the staff are awesome! I often find that a rockin atmosphere and great company will make up for mediocre food.