Friday, November 29, 2013

Follow Friday!

Happy Friday Friends! 
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Q: What’s your favorite Thanksgiving Day food? If you’re not American or Canadian, what is your favorite holiday food?
All of this:

yup. this is how we do thanksgiving in my family. looks good doesn't it?!
but if I had to only pick ONE item - hands down it's my Grandma's Mac & Cheese. Mmmmmm.  I can't wait to attack yesterday's leftovers today! It's just as good the second and third day as it is the first.

And for dessert - anything my mom makes. She's the queen of desserts. She made four different yummy things for yesterday's meal. I'm going to start drooling just thinking about it!
I hope you had a FANTASTIC thanksgiving!

Five on Friday

Happy Friday folks! I hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving!
While you're picking at left-overs today watching tv, reading blogs - living the life...just think of me out there working. Blah.
I may be working today - and that's ok - because next week I'll be in Florida! YAY! I'm so looking forward for a vacation and to see my family ---- and to get some rest and reading in.
Have you seen The Hunger Games: Catching Fire yet?
I saw it last Saturday and I LOVED it. I wouldn't mind seeing it again (like before the DVD comes out). So good.  The only thing is ....they are splitting the last book into TWO movies.  Anyone know why anyone else annoyed by that or is it just me?
Before I hop on the plane to FL I find out on Monday what's wrong with my knee. I hope it's nothing/just a really bad sprain but at least I'll know for sure on Monday. The brace (see here) is really driving me bonkers. It slips when I walk which prevents me from being able to bend my knee. And try walking up the stairs with a bad knee AND  brace that doesn't let you bend it (and I'm suppose to be able to bend 90 degrees)
uh. WTF is up with the cold weather? OMG. It's so cold out. If I had balls they'd be frozen off by now. This time of year sucks being in outside sales. I actually have to be IN the cold weather seeing clients.
gobble, gobble - I'm looking forward to Turkey day leftovers. MMMmmm. Just have to make it thru my client list and then it's turkey, ham, mac and cheese, greens, deviled eggs, pie, cakes, cookies aalllllll over again.
I hope you have a great weekend!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

WIP Wednesday: Maybelle Flowers

So. I'll just go ahead and say that I'm stealing .... or maybe a better word is .... replicating something I saw on Instagram.

I'll give credit to the lady on my next post once I have it complete - meanwhile here are some peeks on what I'm working on:

Once completed this is staying in my own personal collection! Especially if it's as cute as the girl's project that I'm replicating! 

This pattern is called the Maybelle Flower and can be found here. To make the square part of the block you can find that here

They are easypeasy to make and look pretty darn good!

What are you working on this WIP Wednesday?

UPDATE: See completed project HERE.


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Friday, November 22, 2013


I haven't blogged lately - out of sheer laziness. Plus I'm debating if I should make my blog a "crochet only" blog.  OR if I should keep posting my mix of crochet/books/random life stuff. I don't know.   Have you any thoughts on this?

For today - here's a random life stuff post:

If you follow me on Instagram and/or you're my Facebook or real life friend you know by now I've had a little "accident". And that "accident" has given me this fancy accessory: 

Cute right?! Ok. Not really. 

What-had-happened was this girl here fell down the stairs at my mama's house last Sunday. I'm still not sure if I slipped or if my knee gave out (this is my bad leg with the perviously already torn ACL). I just know I heard a loud POP and the pain was instant! It hurt so bad I couldn't even cry! I had to roll around on the floor a little bit before I could think of getting up. I was a 22 on the pain scale of 1-10.

Same day my knee started swelling and I could not put pressure, bend, or even THINK about me knee.

Fast forward to a week later it's still tender but I'm back to life and the brace helps a lot (it keeps me from twisting me knee which is what REALLY hurts). I have a MRI scheduled today and I see the doctor again next Monday. I'll find out then what damage I really did to myself.

I'm still working like usual and then coming home to ICE-ELEVATE-and a little bit of-HOOKING.

For anyone keeping score: STAIRS 1 - TRISH 0.


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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

WIP Wednesday - Crochet Shawl Número 2!

Guess what day it is....guess what day IT IS...
IT'S WIPWednesday! Woot.
So I've been hooking away at another shawl.
One of my friends saw this post/picture and ordered one for herself!
I have awesome friends.
So here's progress shots (being blocked) of my second Elise Shawl:

I have to have it done & shipped by next Tuesday and I'm exactly on schedule!
What are you working on?
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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Aren't I Done Yet?! Oh and Give me your opinion while you're here

So the most FANTABULOUS thing about Instagram and Pinterest is all the nifty crochet/craft ideas I get.
The most NOTSOFANTABULOUS thing about Instagram and Pinterest is all the nifty crochet/crafts I get and it prevents me from finishing my current projects
For example I REALLY want to start making a couple pillows for my couch. I also want to make some slippers, some coffee cozies, start a new blanket and sooooooooo much more.

BUUUUUT before I do that...I guess I should finish this blanket:

I can't even remember when I started it. But it's been sitting in the corner for awhile now. I finally went out and picked up the yarn I need to finish it. 

I'm about 3/4 finished.
It's really easy pattern (you can find here) and it's not bad to look at...I just want to be finished with it!

Opinion Needed:
Here's where I need your help. See that pop of red? I debated about ripping it out in the beginning but everyone loved it so I left it in. NOW here's my NEW question -- should I add a second pop of red on the opposite end (you know to balance it out)?

Let me know your thoughts!

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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

My New Favorite Winter Accessory - For Now

I hate Winter. I hate knowing it's coming. I hate cold mornings. Snow? Ice? Frost? Ugh. Winter is not my friend.

I do have one spot of brightness that warms up my mood ... and that's my new shawl:

Cute right? It's called the Elise Shawl and pattern can be found here.
I had more pictures but I don't know where they are (tsk) so here are a couple shots from my instagram:

Here's my mom modeling it:

I LOVE it! I already bought yarn to make myself a second one 😳😊.

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Monday, November 4, 2013

Virtual Coffee - A Day Early!? Why the Heck not!

How about some Virtual Coffee today?
Yeah-I know it's a day early -- but I have time today!
Don't Judge Me.  Just go with it.
So my Monday is off to a good start! I had my microwave breakfast sandwich and my Keurig Coffee...with that girl scout creamer - have you tried that? If not. Go get some now.
Coffee in hand? Let's Chat.
[Sip 1 - HOT HOT]:
Probably more like a slurp since it's hot - but whateve.  I'm happy to share that I booked my tickets for Florida! Woot! Six days in the sunshine state to see my little sisters, my dad and my stepmom. I'm excited. I miss my family + I haven't had a vacation since I started my new job (which was in February). A much needed break if I do say so myself. 
[Sip 2 - juuuust right]:
I had a pretty ok weekend. I took my mom to the gun range (a much over due mother's day present -- hey! it's what she wanted! a weird gift but I aim to please). We both shot 50 bullets/ammo each using pistols. Scary as hell! And we had no real lesson. A dude came out was like "here's how you load the gun, here's how you remove the magazine, here's how you stand" then he sent us on the range. We had a 5 minute lesson.  I think my mom wants to go back and take lessons but I'm even more scared now. I did manage a few head shots and heart shots. But me + gun = not a good idea. I scare myself!

[Sip 3 - boy I was thirsty!]:
Things at work are ok. I had a really rough week a couple weeks ago but my head is starting to come out of the fog. Which is good. I need to be focused. I have four appointments this week with people that are (hopefully) interested in what I have to offer. I mean they are somewhat interested - otherwise they wouldn't have agreed to meet with me....I dunno. We'll see. Good thing is I got my required amount of appointments set and more. Go me.
[Sip 4   - cup is almost empy!]:
I've been daydreaming a lot about my own personal business. I really want to hire someone that will help me with my business plan. I have about 60% of it done but I need help finishing and executing. I know there's LOTS of free information out there from SBA but I need a little more help than that. I really need advice and assistance on what to do next. I'd love to have my own business up and running by the time I'm 35. That's 5 years I got to actually do something instead of daydream.
[Sip 5   - empty!]:
okay. I've gone on and on. What's up with you? How's your coffee? How's your life?
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Friday, November 1, 2013

5 on Friday

 Happy Friday! My-Oh-My it is uggggly outside. I was suppose to be out hitting the pavement trying to get sales & appointments but it's so dark and stormy - I'm waiting it out at the office. So I'm taking this time to write a quick post...especially since I haven't touched blogger all week!


I've been lounging around. I haven't done much. Just sleep, eat and watch tv. I did manage to get in some reading. I read about half this book so far this week (well mostly on Saturday but I got in a few pages here and there this week). Thanks to my blogger pal Taylor @ Tea with Mrs. Kee for the recommendation!

I did pick up my hooks just ONCE this week (can you believe that...a hooker like me only hooked once this week?!). I whipped up these cuties:
These are a small part of what I'm working on. I'll share soon. A quick an easy (and useful) item that anyone can make and everyone will want to use!  I <3 'em!
Happy Day after Halloween! Did you get a lot of treats last night?
I know how this picture looks...but it's not. It's my own personal stash! I know. I'm a big kid. And I LOVE candy.
I have no solid plans for the weekend. Thinking about taking my mom to the gun range. She wants to learn gun safety and how to shoot. I bought her a groupon to a shooting range here in MD for her mother's day gift and I have yet to take her (bad daughter). Hopefully we can get in some time this weekend. It'll be the first time for both of us shooting gun.
Ender's Game comes out today. I'm excited! I was hoping to read the book again before I saw the movie doesn't look like it's going to happen. I remember LOVING the book back in middle school. I hope the movie is just as good as I remember the book being.
Have you any plans for the weekend? What's on your list of 5 on Friday?