Friday, November 1, 2013

5 on Friday

 Happy Friday! My-Oh-My it is uggggly outside. I was suppose to be out hitting the pavement trying to get sales & appointments but it's so dark and stormy - I'm waiting it out at the office. So I'm taking this time to write a quick post...especially since I haven't touched blogger all week!


I've been lounging around. I haven't done much. Just sleep, eat and watch tv. I did manage to get in some reading. I read about half this book so far this week (well mostly on Saturday but I got in a few pages here and there this week). Thanks to my blogger pal Taylor @ Tea with Mrs. Kee for the recommendation!

I did pick up my hooks just ONCE this week (can you believe that...a hooker like me only hooked once this week?!). I whipped up these cuties:
These are a small part of what I'm working on. I'll share soon. A quick an easy (and useful) item that anyone can make and everyone will want to use!  I <3 'em!
Happy Day after Halloween! Did you get a lot of treats last night?
I know how this picture looks...but it's not. It's my own personal stash! I know. I'm a big kid. And I LOVE candy.
I have no solid plans for the weekend. Thinking about taking my mom to the gun range. She wants to learn gun safety and how to shoot. I bought her a groupon to a shooting range here in MD for her mother's day gift and I have yet to take her (bad daughter). Hopefully we can get in some time this weekend. It'll be the first time for both of us shooting gun.
Ender's Game comes out today. I'm excited! I was hoping to read the book again before I saw the movie doesn't look like it's going to happen. I remember LOVING the book back in middle school. I hope the movie is just as good as I remember the book being.
Have you any plans for the weekend? What's on your list of 5 on Friday?


  1. Are you enjoying Percy Jackson? They're pretty easy reads but I really enjoyed all the books. I love your little hearts! They're so perfect! I want to see Ender's Game too! Hubby has read the book but I still need to...but I don't want to wait!!