Monday, November 4, 2013

Virtual Coffee - A Day Early!? Why the Heck not!

How about some Virtual Coffee today?
Yeah-I know it's a day early -- but I have time today!
Don't Judge Me.  Just go with it.
So my Monday is off to a good start! I had my microwave breakfast sandwich and my Keurig Coffee...with that girl scout creamer - have you tried that? If not. Go get some now.
Coffee in hand? Let's Chat.
[Sip 1 - HOT HOT]:
Probably more like a slurp since it's hot - but whateve.  I'm happy to share that I booked my tickets for Florida! Woot! Six days in the sunshine state to see my little sisters, my dad and my stepmom. I'm excited. I miss my family + I haven't had a vacation since I started my new job (which was in February). A much needed break if I do say so myself. 
[Sip 2 - juuuust right]:
I had a pretty ok weekend. I took my mom to the gun range (a much over due mother's day present -- hey! it's what she wanted! a weird gift but I aim to please). We both shot 50 bullets/ammo each using pistols. Scary as hell! And we had no real lesson. A dude came out was like "here's how you load the gun, here's how you remove the magazine, here's how you stand" then he sent us on the range. We had a 5 minute lesson.  I think my mom wants to go back and take lessons but I'm even more scared now. I did manage a few head shots and heart shots. But me + gun = not a good idea. I scare myself!

[Sip 3 - boy I was thirsty!]:
Things at work are ok. I had a really rough week a couple weeks ago but my head is starting to come out of the fog. Which is good. I need to be focused. I have four appointments this week with people that are (hopefully) interested in what I have to offer. I mean they are somewhat interested - otherwise they wouldn't have agreed to meet with me....I dunno. We'll see. Good thing is I got my required amount of appointments set and more. Go me.
[Sip 4   - cup is almost empy!]:
I've been daydreaming a lot about my own personal business. I really want to hire someone that will help me with my business plan. I have about 60% of it done but I need help finishing and executing. I know there's LOTS of free information out there from SBA but I need a little more help than that. I really need advice and assistance on what to do next. I'd love to have my own business up and running by the time I'm 35. That's 5 years I got to actually do something instead of daydream.
[Sip 5   - empty!]:
okay. I've gone on and on. What's up with you? How's your coffee? How's your life?
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