Thursday, December 5, 2013

Cute Crochet Christmas Gift Ideas

Feliz Navidad. Almost.

At this point I assume I will NOT be gifting handmade gifts to my friends & families.
I have nothing made. 
And I really don't know if 20 days is enough time to make anything.

Maybe I'll just start planning for Christmas 2015.

There's lots of cute Christmas crochet things out there.
One of my favorites ... is one of my own (duh):
I filled these with chocolate liqueurs and gave them out a couple years ago. I saved one for myself and I have no idea where it is. Tsk. I guess I'll have to make more.

Pinterest has lots of cute ideas that I'm filing away in my brain for future gift making/giving:

These are cute and usually colorful. I don't get the point of them but all the ones I have ever seen have looked fantastic.  What do you use a mandala for?

Oh I love this. I thing I'll make this for myself ... and I don't even wear earrings but I adore this.

I've ventured out and made one of these one time but not any more. I love the little birdie ones.

I've made coasters before (here & here) and I actually like making them. I LOVE the gray color with the bright border. 

I realize everything I like is stuff I'd make for myself. LOL. Maybe I won't  be giving out handmade gifts at Christmas 2015 - I'll just have a bunch of handmade goods in my own house.

What cute handmade gifts will you be giving out this holiday (or next) or what would you like to receive? Leave me a link below!


  1. I LOVE the coffee cup coozies! I always burn my hand on the coffee cups.
    I love the little booties you gave--they were so cute!

  2. oh darling little stockings are lovely and i could definitely fill them with delicious small chocolate pieces. just for teasing. lol.