Friday, January 24, 2014

Crochet Mood Blanket {days 13-24}

I just realized I haven't shared my crochet mood blanket with you in nearly two weeks. I keep debating how frequently I want to share my blanket on my blog (I share on Instagram at least one-two times a week) but I dunno. I just don't want it to get boring/repetitive and then you stop reading! 

A change I've made since my last post is I decided to add a star to mark the beginning of the month. I want a way to know the start of every month to make the blanket a little easier to follow. I think for February 1 I'll do a heart. Maybe each 1st of the month I'll have different appliqués. I have plenty of time to figure it out (but I an open to suggestions!)

Blocks 13-18 was my surgery week:

Monday: Pre-op stress! And my last day of work for 10 days.

Tuesday: Surgery day! All the texts, calls, messages, Facebook love and the roses and balloons from Troy. How could anyone not feel loved?!

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: Tired. Hopped up on Percocet. 

Saturday: Down. First day of cabin fever!

Sunday: Peaceful/relaxed. Troy came home with pizza and sat in the couch w me and he watched football while I drifted in and out of sleep.

Blocks 20-24

Monday: Down. More cabin fever. 

Tuesday: Happy! First day I unlocked my brace (which means progress!) And after a week of my leg being straight most of the day unlocked brace means bent knee! I also stopped my pain pills to get me out the Percocet fog.

Wednesday: Happy! I found out I'm going to CABO! I won in my group at work (President's Club) and that means a 4 day trip to Cabo in March. Woot!

Thursday: Creative. Just expect a large amount if crochet post coming up soon. Thatsallimsayin! 

Friday: Ambitious. First day out the house since my surgery and I had a lot I wanted to do!!

So there's the update in my world - reflected in my blanket. What's going on in yours?



  1. I think the motif idea is a great one - and your mood blanket is looking nice. Glad to hear that your knee is healing well. Congrats on winning the trip. :)

  2. Hopefully your weeks will start picking up a little in the happiness department. I'm sure it's hard to be just hanging around when you want to be out and DOING stuff. But, in the long run, it's good for you to rest up so you don't re-injure yourself!

  3. Oi amiga, adorei todas as novidades do teu blog, seu blog continua lindo, trouxe uma poesia para você,beijokas
    Deus te dá a lã e a agulha

    E te diz: Crocheta o melhor que puder, um ponto de cada vez.

    Cada ponto é um dia na agulha do tempo.

    Depois de 12 carreiras de 30 ou 31 pontos,

    Terás 365 pontos,

    Em dez anos, cerca de 3650 pontos…

    Alguns são pelo direito, outros pelo avesso…

    Há pontos que se perdem…

    Mas que podemos recuperar…

    A lã que o bom Deus nos dá,

    Para crochetar nossa existência, é de todas as cores:

    Rosa como nossas alegrias, negra como nossos sofrimentos,

    Cinza como nossas dúvidas, verde como nossas esperanças,

    Vermelha como nossos amores, azul como nossos desejos,

    Branca como a fé que temos nele.

    Quantos pontos caberão no crochê de tua vida?

    Só Deus é quem sabe !!

  4. Looking great! I love your idea of a themed motif to start off each month. Congrats on the trip win--have fun! The good thing about recovering from knee surgery is that you can still use your hands to crochet ;) Wishing you a speedy recovery!