Friday, January 31, 2014

Crochet Mug Coaster Cozy

So I have to admit...I really dragged my feet at making mug cozies. I didn't see the point of them. Yeah...I know. But I wanted to make some small items while I was recovering so I found a pattern and made a few (nine to be exact) and they turned out really cute:

It's a cozy AND a coaster. No more hot spots on your table (or desk) and no more burnt fingertips! Brilliant.

Believe it or not but I didn't make one for myself. I listed all of the above it my etsy shop

Visit my shop and buy one! Or if you are a happy hooker you can find the pattern info on the listing (I.E. Where it comes from and where you can find it).


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  1. They're all very nice - I like the big buttons on them. :)

  2. Those are super cute so I'll forgive you for saying you didn't see the point of them :-) I don't know how "cozy-less" people survive :-)

    Tanya Patrice

  3. those are really cute! I've wanted to a make some, but like you, haven't really found a need for them.. But I still think I'll make them soon!

  4. I like the purple and white one. Love them with the buttons!
    Can you make any bigger ones? The mugs we have/use are bigger (I think) than what you have pictured.

  5. I love these cozies! I am so picky on my mugs - they have to be thick enough to not burn my hands. These would let me use a few cups that I never use!
    Lynda ~