Thursday, January 9, 2014

Hooking Hats

I had a bunch of orders come in for this hat as soon as I posted this pic on Facebook: 

Super cute right? One friend asked me to make one after I "liked" someone else's on FB. That one friend's request has landed me SIX orders in just a day in a half! That's incredible to me.

I've been hooking away and have finished HALF of the requests.

Don't judge my hat model. I had to use what was in my house! 

Surgery date is looming around the corner so I'm in a quick rush to get my orders in before I'm down and out of commission. I hope to finish the other half before Monday.

Pattern via: The Yarn Chick. 


  1. The hat looks nice. I hope everything goes well with your surgery. :)

  2. They are suuuuper cute!! I love them! And I like the hat model too lol

  3. Congrats on the orders. Your hats turned out wonderfully. Best wishes, Darlene