Friday, May 9, 2014

1/30 Things: 20 Randoms

Let the fun begin!  Here's post 1 out of 30
To know what I'm referring to click HERE or read yesterday's post.
1. List 20 random facts about yourself.
1. I don't tell people my middle name for fear they are going to say it wrong (like jumble it together like it's one word when it's really two).

2. Speaking of names I HATE being called "Pat". I had a client who called me Pam for many years and I just answered to it because I'd rather be called the wrong name over being called Pat.

3. I have a semi-addictive personality - especially on games (I was probably a gambler in a past life) like candy crush, farm story, restaurant story, diner dash, etc. If it's on my phone and I can play it...I probably do.

4. I do the "single girl sweep" almost everytime I get home to my apartment  if Troy's not there (check behind the shower curtain, look in every room and closet).

5. I cannot own a scale (which I do right now and shouldn't) because I obsess over my weight and will weigh myself multiple times a day.

6. I love the Jason Mraz song "I'm Yours"

7. I don't like my ice cream and cake touching on the same plate

8. I like candles (and perfume) that smells like candy

9. I'm blind without my glasses and feel completely helpless when I cannot find them (luckily I have 4 pairs).

10. I went two years with out a decent vacuum (gross. I know)

11. Took me 30 years to embrace my curly hair

12. Jenn and Marie really encouraged me to do this blog thing and I APPRECIATE them for that

13. I'm really insecure about the items I crochet. I always worry if it's "good enough"

14. I wanted to be a teacher when I was growing up

15. I was the Editor in Chief of my HS Literary Magazine and Co-Features Editor of the HS newspaper

16. I LOVE Jalapeño Cheetos and Strawberry soda (sometimes at the same time!)

17. I love watching prison shows (i.e. Locked Up)

18. I cry EVERY SINGLE TIME I watch The Notebook

19. I wish I lived closer to my little sisters (or that they lived closer to me). I'm missing out on watching them grow up. Makes me sad

20. I'm an affirmations girl. I love and need them and I'm embarrassed by that!

Ok! There you go! Twenty things about me! What about you? What's one random fact about you that I don't know? Leave it below (or leave me a link to your list!).


  1. These are great! I knew a lot of these about you anyway, but not all of them! I'm SO glad that you did this blog too! And now you have like twice as many followers as I do haha. You need to watch orange is the new black if you haven't yet!

  2. I love prison shows too! And yes, you definitely need to watch Orange is the New Black!