Friday, May 16, 2014

5 on Friday

TGIF! I'm happy it's FRIDAY! It hasn't been a terrible week - not at all. But I'm ready for the weekend!
So I finally closed something for the May issue. I was worried I wouldn't have any sales and something came thru. Thanks GOODNESS! I was in the hole $21 for the month now I'm in the positive. Woo-hoo! I REALLY want to win President's Club again!
I've been doing this Slim & Sassy stuff my doTERRa for a week now and I still can't get over the taste. It's so disgusting. I don't know how people swallow this. I went to whole foods and bought some vcaps to put the oil in so I can avoid tasting it. It helps in terms of getting the oil into my body but it's not good when I burp and all I can taste it then. Ugh. It's so gross but I want to be skinny ;).

While looking for pictures to make my mother's day collage I came across these two photos of my parents and myself when I was just a little babe. I love it.

I'm enjoying doing the 30 Things series. I think you're suppose to do one post a day for 30 days but I'm stretching it out. I have about 3 posts done. I figure it'll take me quite a few more weeks to get the other 27 done.
Flash Back Friday Pic of me and Sammie:

Me and Sam current day:
Quite a size difference right?!
What are your Five on Friday (or even one on Friday)? Leave your comment/link below.


  1. Aww love the pic of you and your dog. I have never tried slim and sassy but I probably won't since you say it's disgusting! LOL :)