Thursday, May 15, 2014

Pinspirational #3

These pins have my hooker juices flowing this week (that sounds so gross but you SHOULD know what I mean by now):

This stitch is so pretty and the yarn is awesome too. I just ordered this brand of yarn to make some booties out of but I think I'll use it to copy-cat this shawl. {via}
Use this bottle holder as a party gift. This is a great idea for a housewarming party! {via}
Does anyone know the point to Crochet Jar Cozy? Please tell me. They sure are cute! {via}
Sisters knitting! photo by Florence Ward, Harlem playground, between 1950 and 1970. Library of Congress. {via}
Modern Patchwork by BabyLove Brand {via}

What's PINspired you this week?


  1. I love the yarn in the first photo!

  2. They're all pretty projects. I think the purpose of a jar cover is just to pretty up the jar - can't think of anything else. :)

  3. These are really cute pins!

  4. What kind yarn or thread is that in the first pic? I am really liking it. Looking forward to seeing the first pic completed..I am interested in that one definitely...