Monday, May 12, 2014

Virtual Coffee & Book Review

Hiya! Did you have a good weekend? Ready for some virtual coffee and a book review?!

Today I'm skipping coffee and having a glass of water with some Slim & Sassy dōTERRA drops in it. We'll see how THAT goes.

{sip #1}I had a great weekend celebrating mother's day with my mom this weekend. I took her out Saturday for a yummy dinner at Founding Farmers and surprised her with a Pandora bracelet. Then on Sunday we headed north to celebrate with my aunt and grandma and have family dinner.

{sip #2} Before dinner on Saturday we went and viewed about 7 condos/townhomes. I found one I really like but I have to decide if it's worth me moving so far north. We'll see though. I'm hoping once school's out more places will come on the market.

{sip #3} I'm having two posts today - so go and read my other post about my 3 Top Fears and tell me if you can relate (or not).

{Audio} Book Review

I have to say: Believe the hype - this book is great!  

I love when a book alternates between multiple character's voices. I found myself liking all the characters and drawn into their stories. Although, I have to admit I found myself wanting to skip ahead to hear all the secrets...but I didn't...but trust me - you'll want to! 

I audiobooked this read and I enjoyed the performance put on by the narrator (and she had an Australian accent which help me place/visualize the characters even better). I found myself listening to this book instead of watching TV or listening to music! It's great!

I recommend you pick this book up and give it a go! You won't be disappointed.

~ Trish


  1. Glad you had a good day with your mom!

    I'm going to check out that sometime for sure :)

  2. YAY! Im so glad you liked this book as much as I did! I'm going to be reading more books by her

  3. And now I have another book to add to my reading list! Thanks :-)

    Tanya Patrice