Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Virtual Coffee

Giiiirrrl - are you ready for some seriously much needed coffee?

{sip #1} I'm actually having a cup of light roast with just one measly tablespoon of creamer and no sugar. Not very good but I'm counting calories and drinking my coffee this way saves me a lot if calories.

{sip #2} I'm down FIVE whole pounds! I'm so excited! I told Troy and asked him if he noticed (jokingly) and he goes "I liked it when you were 180 pounds". Me shocked say "I have never been 180!" LOL. I've been really close but not quite.

{sip #3} I'm feeling discourage about finding a home. My lease is up in August so I'm considering buying something but nothing on the market interest me. It may be my beer budget can't supply me with my champagne lifestyle. 

{sip #4} Work is so slow for me this month. I have one sale on the books. That's terrible. I'll be prospecting all week. Where's the money?! 

{sip #5} What's going on in your life? Any news? Gossip? Advice? Share share!

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  1. GO YOU!!! Keep up the healthy lifestyle girl!!
    I hope things go better for you on the home front. Hopefully in the summer months more things come on the market that you might like better. It's definitely difficult in this area.

  2. I hope work picks up for you! What do you do? WTG with the weight loss! Keep it up!