Friday, June 13, 2014

30 Things: #10 Describe your most embarrassing moment

#10/30 Describe your most embarrassing moment.
Ha! There have been SO many. LOL. My boob coming out of my swimsuit in summer camp when I was in middle school, when I tripped up the stairs in front of 200 people at UMD CP Astronomy Class. When I smacked Ashby's butt in the office then turned around to see the Publisher of the Newspaper standing right behind me. BUUUT the most embarrassing (and I can't believe I'm about to share this) was at Troy's Bday a few years ago.
He had got this party bus and alllll his friends were there (including his sister) and we had been drinking like crazy in the hotel before we even got to the bus ("SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS"was like on heavy repeat...or at least we were singing it over and over again while pounding shots). 
And let's just say I underestimated the amount of liquor + my bladder + the drive to the club and I ... as a  grown ass woman ... had to pee in a red party cup on a party bus while his sister held my dress. SOOOOOOOOO EMBARRASSING.
Plus I missed the cup a little and some pee got on the bus so I had to pay a $300 clean up fee (i filled up like two cups) and be referred to as Pissy Patricia from his friends/family.
this is me that night. still cup in hand. guess I didn't learn.
I'm still SO embarrassed.
Are you embarrassed for me? Do you have a story that tops that?
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  1. bahahahaha I dont think I ever heard that story. Pretty embarassing tho lol. Glad you survived the embarassment :)

  2. OoOoOo that is pretty embarrassing, at least you can blame the drinks.. I would anyway