Friday, June 27, 2014

5 on Friday

Happy Friday Folks! 
Today's a half day at work for me today (woohoo) because Troy and I are having a little getaway this weekend (double woohoo). I'm so excited and really looking forward to relaxing and spending some QT with my boo. We have massages, dinners out, jet skiing, kayaking, games and all that good stuff on the docket. 

our first night in cabo
TWO weeks in a row I've had the opportunity to hang out with this chick Jenn. Soo much fun. I love spending time and catching up with her (and checking out her new house - which is awe-some). It's rare that for TWO weeks in a row I get to see her face [since college] I'm a lucky gal. We'll have to keep it up!

I love this picture of us. I mean I look incredible. Jenn looks aiiight. JK :)
 I pre-ordered this book: What She Left Behind on audible. It's suppose to be delivered today, I think, I'm really excited to listen to it. It sounds really good from it's description. I hope I'm not let down!

My stress/anxiety has been thru the roof lately. I'll share why later - but I can tell you there's not enough wine to settle my nerves (maybe that's another reason I'm SOOO looking forward to getting away for an extended weekend)
Someone ordered some goodies from my Etsy shop this week (THANK YOU!), makes me very happy. Coasters and Mug Cozies - someone will be drinking in style!

What's on your Five on Friday list?



  1. I've love love loved seeing your face two weeks in a row!! Some of the best parts of my weeks :)
    The stress will continue but it'll be worth it in the end ;) love ya buddy!!

  2. Have a great getaway! Sounds like it is going to be great :)