Monday, July 14, 2014

30 Things: #12 A Typical Day

#12. Describe a typical day in your current life.
A typical day...hmm. Ready to be bored?!
7:04am - wake up, check my email (work and personal), fart around on my phone for a little bit either on social media, bloglovin' or Farmville.
7:15-8:15am - getting myself together, gathering my laptop, tablet, coffee, water, snacks - etc.
8:30am - 5:30pm: My work hours. Most days I'm in my car and I'm somewhere in the DC Metro area (I can be anywhere from Rockville, MD to Capitol Hill, DC to Woodbridge, VA). I usually plan my whole week the Friday prior and plan about 8-15 stops [stops = clients and prospects that I service, upsell or try to sell]. Between stops I'm checking email, texting, checking my Farmville, Social Media, eating in the car, having 2-5 bathroom breaks at whatever fast food place or library I can find, making phone calls, talking gossip to my co-workers. You know - typical work day stuff.
Sometimes I get home earlier than 5:30 (shhhh don't tell on me). If that's the case then I get on my laptop and finish up any admin work that I've been putting off and/or am behind on (any sales people reading this familiar with SalesForce? The BigBrother of sales. Every thing we do has to be entered into the system (every stop, every one we talked to, who we plan on talking to etc).
5:30pm - Bedtime: This is when the real fun happens. JK. Typically I get home and I'll read or crochet or listen to my audiobook and then when Troy gets home from work we'll watch a Netflix (right now we're catching up on Breaking Bad) or a Redbox and have dinner or snacks.
And I'll spend more time with my Farmville or on Candy Crush or Instagram or Pinterest.  Then right before bed we watch TMZ and DishNation (gotta hear my gossip before I go to bed)! Then I'm out cold!
That's it. Pretty Boring right?
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  1. I like the days that involve you stopping by my house. When I'm actually here hahah

  2. Not that boring! I think most people's days are like this! I know mine are 'boring' too haha

  3. Sounds like a lovely evening to me! So nice of you to stop by and say hi. I've been so busy, I've barely been able to keep up on return comments on my blog. You've made me realize I missed popping in and visiting with you here. :)

  4. hehe i totally dink around on my phone too first thing in morning- something soothing about it.