Monday, July 21, 2014

Moody Monday

Ugh. Monday already?!
I hope you had a good weekend! I spent a lot of time working on my crochet mood blanket.

Thanks to the feedback I got last week (on this post if I should unravel the 15 blocks I put in the wrong order or leave it) I decided to ... unravel. 

I know-I know it was a lot of work but in the end it'll be worth it. Each block represents a day and to be have a true representation of the year I had to correct my mistake.

I also spent MANY hours weaving in the tails. 199 blocks means a lot if tails. I got about 80% of them done but have more to go. 

I love this project! I have so many ideas for my 2015 blanket!


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  1. Glad that you're happy with your decision! I know you're like me in that it would have bothered you if you didn't fix it, so it's worth it in the end to fix it...even with the extra work!

  2. It's looking very pretty. :)

  3. Your blanket looks beautiful, it was definitely worth all the hard work.
    Ali xx

  4. Trish, I would've unraveled it too...just saying. :-) What beautiful colors it has too!...Just as a side thought, I HATE...yes, I said HATE...going back and the end of a project and sewing in threads!!!!! That's why I don't do it anymore...ever! Now I work over the threads as I'm going along. As soon as I change a color, I fold it along the back edge of the direction I'm headed, and crochet over the next color, and the end of the new color! I make sure the threads being added are along the base of the stitch...One of these days I'll show this on my blog as a tip. But I'm sure I'm not the only one that does it anyway! ^_^ I have to say, it gives me great joy to look down at whatever project I' working on and see NO LOOSE ENDS!! LOL Have a good day, Trish!