Wednesday, July 9, 2014

My Stressor: Looking for a new home

Hola folks! 

So, I haven't talked about this on the blog but I have been stressed out of my mind looking for a new home! 

OMG why has no one ever told me how stressful this is?!?! I've been looking since March for a nice two bedroom, two bathroom condo (or townhome) in Montgomery County or Frederick County and I have to tell you it's been let down after let down. 

I think my main problem is my budget vs my taste (probably a lot of people's problem) and some of the houses I've seen that are in my budget makes ne want to stay an apartmenter renter forever. 

What I want:

What I can afford:

This homebuying journey has been something else - and has given me plenty of stories to tell:

Story #1: Condo in MoCo - on paper it looked great: spacious 2BR/2BA with sunroom. In reality: We walk in and the home owner was sitting on the couch with her shoes off on her laptop trying to tell us how awesome her place is (and it was not awesome...she hadn't even cleaned it or straighten up the place). 

Story #2: 2 level townhouse in MoCo: Great curbside appeal. Great location. Problem: we couldn't get in the door. We had the key - could hear the door unlock but still door wouldn't open. We finally figured door must've been deadbolted from the inside. Right when we were giving up and walking away a young girl in hoodie and pajama pants (and some bags) opened the door and walked out. It was so stranged. I assume she was squatting there since there was no furniture and a few blankets stuffed inthe closet (let's not bring up how the kitchen was in the basement level and the green, pink, and yellow walls).

Story #3: Fully renovated - very nice 3 level townhome in Frederick Co. Great in everyway - except for the old man who likely was/is a member of a white supremacist group. No lie. We high tailed it out of that area (let me not forget to mention that this house had THE FATEST groundhog I've ever seen just chilling in the backyard AND that the house two doors down had burn marks on it from recent fire). 

 Story #4: The house I put an offer in on .... I'll tell you about that one later. 

 What has your homebuying journey been like? Easy and fun? Or Sad and stressful (and sometimes funny) like mine?


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  1. It's definitely a journey! We went to a house that I was sure a murder had been committed in...and maybe some other unsavory activity. We nicknamed it the "murder basement house" lol. It takes time, and a LOT of patience but when it's right it will all be worthwhile!