Thursday, July 10, 2014

The House I Put An Offer On...

My first ever offer on a house went in on this one:

Cute 2 bedroom (2 master suites)/3.5 bathrooms, 3 levels end unit in Frederick Co.

First time I signed a contract, wrote an escrow check and crossed fingers on getting my deal accepted.

Good News: My offer was accepted! Woot! Settlement date set for July 31st. Mixed feelings of excitement and nervousness (I wanted to jump for joy, throw up and poop myself all at the same time).

Living room:

Master suite #1 & #2

My favorite part of house (deck & view):

Looks great right? Plus it's located near lots of shopping including a wegmans.  

Then the home inspection happened (insert gloomy music) and long story short: every single window was broken, plus some electrical issues plus some plumbing issues plus some other minor issues.  Which add those things up and they = $$$.

"Ain't nobody got time for that." After listening to my dad (yep 31 years old and still turning to dear ol' dad for advice) and making some demands on what the owner should fix and credit to me ... the deal fell thru (on my end). The owner offered to fix a couple things but not the windows which would cost a buttload and I as a first time homebuyer can't afford. 

So yea. That's the story. And altho I was slightly disappointed something better has popped up on my radar which has me SUPER excited. More on that later.

Would you have bought this home if you were in my shoes? Have you ever been in a situation like this?



  1. I'm sorry this fell through since you really liked it but like I told you before, you don't want to be in a bad situation where things have to be fixed and you can't do it. I'm sure the next thing will be even better!

  2. I think it would of came down to the money. I wouldn't of bought it if the price did not deduct the cost of the windows. Sorry for the disappointment - I wish you luck in finding the perfect home. :)

  3. I was about to say congrats but then I read the ending and that's a bummer. But I'm happy for you because it sounds like you made the right decision. You'll find the right fit.