Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Virtual Coffee

It's been awhile since we've had virtual coffee -- how about we do one today?
I'll be having Green Tea - because Dr. Oz says it helps with belly fat [and goodness knows I need some help with that...PLUS everything Dr. Oz says is right...right?!]
[Sip #1]
So. I'm going to go ahead and say it: I have a TERRIBLE month ahead of me at work for the month of August. I'm dreading it sooooo much. I have over $4000 worth of cancels coming out of my book of business. If you're in sales I know you feel my pain ... if you're not in sales you probably can imagine my pain. I'll have to work my ass off the next few weeks to try to overcome these downs. I'm so upset. I'm hoping I can save some of this business but otherwise a miracle will have to happen.
How's work going for you? Any bad news? or better yet - any GOOD news?
[Sip #2]
I've been totally unmotivated to work out. I haven't been to the gym to work out. And I know I should go because it helps me feel good and would probably help with the motivation factor ... but ugh. I can't. I just want to sit on the couch and will myself skinny. That works right? Power of thought and all?
Help motivate me - what workouts have you been doing?
[Sip #3]
I have been checking my email like a freak every five minutes waiting on getting a response from my lender. I wish everything was done instantly so I wouldn't be obsessing/worrying/waiting. I'm sure everything will be okay and I'll get the response I want ... but still. I hate having to wait on an answer.
What are you currently obsessing over right now?
[Sip #4]
I so want to talk work drama right now. There's so much going on (aside from my $4k loss) but I won't. I could go on and on and on about it and I wouldn't want to bore you. Just know: I'm itching to spill the beans.
What juicy gossip are you holding tight to? O C'mon. You can tell me. I won't tell!
[Sip #5]
One last sip before I go ... I need to do some major purging of clothes and mail and magazines and all the crap that's taking up space that I never look at. I did get one box together that I need to go and have shred but  I'm not looking forward to tackling my closet. I'm going to do that thing where you put all the hangers backwards and when you wear something you turn it the correct way and at the end of the year all the hangers that are still backwards you get rid of.  Have you heard of this before? Have you tried it?
Ok that's all. Go. Get out of here. Get to work.


  1. I just started with that turn your hangers backwards thingy. So far it feels good but I'm just 3 weeks in, so. I guess it will be pretty hard at the end of the year to really let go of all those clothes you haven't worn until then. We'll see. Right now I'm trying to come up with a similar solution for the folded clothes as well...


  2. I saw that you pinned the hanger thing--that's smart! I need to do something like that. Luckily with the recent move, I was able to let a lot of stuff go (I still seem to have a ton despite never having anything to wear when looking lol). I hope you get good news from your lender soon! Fingers crossed!! Very curious now about the work drama!
    Definitely get your butt to the gym! I know it's hard to motivate but you WILL feel so much better afterwards. You need some motivating quotes or reminders around your house to motivate you!